My Mother thanks you, my Father thanks you, my Sister thanks you, and I thank you.

Dear Internet, it has been a while. I apologize. I haven’t posted since my last week at CONAN, and this being a blog about my experience as a Basic Cable Intern, my last week is something I probably should mention. However, it has been weeks since I was in LA – I nearly have the last traces of smog out of my system – and of course, weeks since I have waltzed through the secure gates of the Warner Brothers’ Lot and up the stairs to the best office on earth. The details aren’t hazy, but it does feel like years since I was last there because I’ve crammed a lot into these weeks. I won’t bore you with those summertime adventures. Instead I will throw bits and pieces from my mind onto my Word document and pretend you will be able to comprehend it.

Some of the highlights of my last week included an impromptu trip to the airport to pick up LaBamba. It was interesting to spend well over an hour in the car with a man who I’ve watched say so little on TV for years. He was a great conversationalist, I asked him about the transition from NBC to TBS and he asked me about what it was like to be an intern, lucky for him I am an expert. In my last few weeks, I started doing a lot more runs and jobs for the Bossman himself, at one point even delivering pizza to his house. I was given the opportunity to work closely with his assistant, who is not only on top of her business, but she is really fun and easy to hang out with. Over the last few weeks, it was easier to get more personal with people. I knew I was on the way out, and they were more comfortable with me so it really gave me the confidence to engage people more and learn more about them as people and professionals.

On my last day, I got to have an audience with Conan himself. By this point, he knew my name, which I never expected to happen. He had just come back to the office after being a guest on Lopez Tonight. I was greeted with a very firm then crazy handshake and we joked around a little bit. The first serious thing he said to me was, “Do you wear sunscreen? Because I see you’ve got a lot of freckles going on there and I can relate to that.” I told him of course, it was an interesting moment because there was actual concern, and for me there was a realization that he was actually looking at me. It became very apparent to me during the rest of our conversation, that Conan is, infact, a very real person. He was actually listening to me and asking me questions about where I was going next. He sincerely talked with me about my Chicago improv intentions. As soon as I mentioned Chicago he lit up and he told me to go for it. It was exhilarating to hear that from him, even though he has no real way of telling if I should go or not. Talking with Conan was easy, because he was so easy going himself. I was at first intimidated, then relieved by his genuine demeanor.

The rest of my time in LA, those last few hours are a blurr of packing and goodbyes. It was hard to realize I wouldn’t see many of these people for a while, but I honestly feel I will see them again. My Mom flew in the next morning. We got lunch with Tracy and had our “see you laters” as well. Having hardly slept the night before and being

a little unable to grasp all the emotions in my mind, I was a little numb. Finally we were in the car and on our way back to Indiana- after a quick stop in Vegas for a


surprise Paul McCartney Concert (my heart soared), then ultimately for me, on my way to Chicago. I’m heading to the Windy City to study improv, comedy writing, and explore. It’s where I need to be right now and I cannot wait to get up there and start this new chapter in my life.

This post has been written over the course of several days, strung out over the summer. The first day I started to write this, I was still in LA, sitting in my bed at Tracy’s house at 3:30 AM the morning I left, unable to sleep. Another day I poked at this entry, I was sitting alone in the living room of my Aunt Liza’s beach house, slowly tapping at the keys, trying to wake the sleeping Kevin in the other room. August 1st, I was writing while waiting for my oil to get changed at Indy Tire Center as an old man stared as if he’d never seen a modern gal such as I myself multitask (get oil changed-by someone else, check Facebook, glance at the news on the TV in the corner, and write a blog). Today I will wrap this up, as I lounge in my sister’s apartment in Chicago, my focus swirling with the thoughts of the interview I just had, the terror in my mind about moving to a new city, the anxiety coursing through my veins over deadlines and the idea of moving, the pain in my feet from the heels I’ve been wearing all over the city, and the little fire in my heart that is telling me I am doing the right thing.

Today I don’t have a million stories about my time at CONAN. Today I feel I can only reflect on the most important thing I learned, and the one thing I hope to carry with me forever, wherever I go, whatever I do, and with whomever I meet.

My time at CONAN has given me the assurance of something that I learned a long time ago and has been reiterated to me over the years. (weird grammar I know) In fact, my Boss even said something similar during his last episode of that one show-that-shall-not-be-named: “if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” I remember watching this statement air, toasting to Conan, his career and his people. Not only is he one of my biggest comedic influences, but he’s been a great role model to me, a little Shirley-Temple-headed girl from Indianapolis watching him as I grew up. While I feel that being an Intern at CONAN is an amazing thing, and hope there are many more in the future, one thing is true- be kind. Work really hard and be kind to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who made my LA and CONAN experience everything it was. I mean it when I say we will be in touch, LA crowd.

Meg and the Bossman



**Writing this Blog has been a great joy for me. I thank each and every one of you for reading and responding to it in one way or another. Seeing as I am no longer a Basic Cable Intern, this blog may not work anymore for my new chapter. Not that you have to follow me, but I plan on chronicling my Chicago adventures in a new blog that has yet to be named or started. If you liked this one, I hope you will like my new one. I will post a link as soon as I have my new one. Thank you for reading, really. I didn’t think anyone but my Mom would read this- which is cool, I love my Mom, but it’s nice to have non Mom readers.**


It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Well the ol’ week off really made for a relaxed return to this, my final week at CONAN. Thursday (tomorrow) is my last day there as a Basic Cable Intern. As I write, know that I am spending my last Wednesday in California (at least for a while) doing so. Yes, you heard me right, this Basic Cable Intern is spreading her wings and picking up Chicago in the near future.

I can’t decide which is more sad, leaving CONAN or leaving all the wonderful friends I have made here. Considering we all have facebook to keep us connected, cell phones, and email, I know I will keep in touch with these people so I have to say leaving CONAN will hurt a little more.  Here’s to tomorrow!

For the sake of catching up on the previous week, my week off, I definitely took it easy. I spent Monday BBQing with my good friends, Kyle and Allie, and their friends. Then that night I got together with some of my girlfriends as we made shirts in preparation of Tuesday. On Tuesday we went to the PRICE IS RIGHT!!! And no, none of us won anything. To be selected for the show you really have to be over-the-top crazy while you wait in line for four hours. Drew Carey was delightfully entertaining throughout the taping as well. He chatted with the audience and was really, really funny. He also improvises most of the show- cue cards are hardly used. Since we weren’t allowed any cameras on our person at any time, I have no pictures. SORRY.  Still a good time.  I will go again, but I WILL be bringing the crazy next time, because I want to win a steam-spa shower.

Later in the week I met up with Kate and Aaron for dinner. We went to a bar that was country themed, but the owner is from Chicago so they show all the Chicago sports games. That was pretty good. We also watched the Mavericks beat the Heat- which is really good. The rest of the week, I just explored LA and my local shops and areas more on my own. The weather was nice, it was beautiful. It’s weird to think I will be leaving it.

On Saturday I worked the SPIKE TV Guy’s Choice Awards, which is exactly like it sounds. A bunch of dudes get together and talk about things like “manliness” and “sexy women” and  “beer”, yes I realize all of those were in quotes as if they aren’t real things, but the way they were discussed during this award show makes me question their validity.  I worked as a VIP Will Call worker, meaning I dealt with people who THINK they are really important and want you to know they are.  The other people we worked with, were the special guests who were all members of the military. These folks were all very polite and put the “VIPs” to shame in terms of behavior. On the plus side, after the show there were dozens and dozens of untouched, open bottles of wine sitting on the tables- apparently our service men and women aren’t big on the drink of the gods. After making friends with a few bartenders, I was able to scrounge up some corks and took a few bottles home with me. THANKS SPIKE TV!!

This won’t be my big “wrap-up” post or anything, so I will keep it short. I just wanted to get all the jibber jabber out of the way I guess. And keep my babies happy! Do understand that this is very upsetting though. Don’t let my happy-go-lucky internet demanor fool you. Tomorrow will be one of the weirdest days. I’m a lame duck Basic Cable Intern. I have loved every moment of this adventure.


31) Your chances of getting fat at your job are VERY HIGH! Most people work in entertainment here (or that my gross over-estimation of what people do) . And if every entertainment experience I have is true of all of them, which once again, I assume is entirely accurate, there is SO MUCH FOOD. And all you do is eat.

32) June Gloom. Only in California is June considered a “gloomy” time of year. The term “June Gloom” is a real and common phrase people here use to describe the June weather. Most likely due to the mountains or some such nonsense, June Gloom is when it is dark, cloudy and colder than one would like in the morning, then the “gloom” is burned off by the sun. Not surprisingly, since I have been here, it has been one of the mildest June Glooms in years and the gloom isn’t quite burning off. Like I said, only in California is June a time of gloom.

Forever Young

maintain a balance worthy of a 22 (almost 23) year old chick. One thing I have been lax about is this blog. I am deeply sorry. This Basic Cable Intern is really letting down her Microsoft WORD program. It’s getting such infrequent use.

So much for that, here is the latest edition of the Basic Cable Intern!

Last week was quite an eventful one. For a week I was a little unsure of, seeing as there are so many new interns it can make your head spin trying to remember names, it picked up quickly. On Monday I spent a good deal of time around the stage area just soaking it in. When rehearsal rolled around I went to sit up with the rest of the interns. That was when Steve, the stage manager, called to me, “Meg! We need you to do exactly what you did last week.” For those of you who don’t remember the previous week or are too lazy to scroll down to my last post, Steve was referring to me standing in with Conan as he “gave a fan a new Facebook picture”. The week

Sorry Mom & Dad (and Kevin, I guess), I eloped!!

prior we posed like we were in bed together. This week, well, Conan made an honest woman of  me. I had no idea what to expect because we hadn’t rehearshed this before like we had the week earlier. Sitting in my close to the front seat, Scott the costume head told me to take off my jacket for this bit. Before I knew it, Conan was “choosing” me from the audience and we walked in front of a green screen. The green screen was changed to a Wedding Chapel and a Velcro tux was placed on Conan and I was thrown into a Velcro wedding dress, veil stuffed onto my hair while a bouquet was thrust into my hands. We took several pictures of our “wedding.” It was awesome.

The next day I got even more interaction with The Bossman when I picked up his dinner for a gathering he was hosting at his house. When I brought him the food and wine he needed, he greeted me at the door and was extremely polite and grateful to me. At this point, he has to know who I am, which is pretty cool.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to work the American Idol Finale that was being broadcast live from the Nokia Center in downtown LA. For this job I was working as a Talent Escort. Usually for this position, you are assigned one celebrity to follow around all day. You make sure they have what they need and get to where they  need to be at the right time. Well Instead of having a specific assignment I was assigned to be a Floater, which meant I just helped out whoever needed help. The coolest part of the whole thing was that I was within inches of Bono and The Edge of U2 fame, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. Oh and I saw them all perform. And I got paid to do this. I’d give that day a “W” for certain.


Well my time at CONAN is running short again. This week was a dark week for the show so I have been exploring and doing pretty much whatever I wanted all week. I’d rather be busy though so I am looking forward to getting back to work on Monday. However, I am NOT looking forward to the fact that it will be my last Monday at CONAN. Yep. Next Thursday is my last day. Then onto the future. It still is the most incredible job on Earth and one of the best experiences of my life. I will cherish my last four days there.



29) Bars in LA close at 1:00am. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!?!? Now I don’t know if it is the college town that spoiled me, or the fact that since in Indiana you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays except at a bar, that made me this way: But I don’t want to leave a bar until I am darn well ready to! And I’ve got news for you, CALIFORNIA, 1:00 AM is NOT late enough for me. This is ridiculous. I imagine the law is set up like this so people don’t drive drunk, but if people  know they only have a few hours to drink, they are going to drink as much as they can in that time THEN drive home. They need the extra 2 hours to sober up!

30) This relates back to my motorcycle rant from a previous post: Motorcycles can do anything. And Motorcyclists can EASILY get around the law. In CA, a motorcyclist is given a 12 month probationary license. They can use the licesne like it Is a normal one, except they are not allowed to drive on the highway (which many do regardless) without paying for a full license, which can be up to $250 after you turn 21. Well I think this loophole is ridiculous as is this entire state.  Goodness me! I wish motorcycles were banned altogether. They scare the daylights out of me!



In the City, the City of NoHo

Well another day another dollar, or in my case another day another free labor. Yes, folks, I am back at CONAN, resuming my role as a Basic Cable Intern if for but a few more short weeks.

Being home was a joy. Things happened, people were seen, lives were changed- I guess. I graduated from Indiana University. That’s noteworthy.  It was pretty cool, walking into Assembly Hall for the ceremony. I made Kevin and our friend, Taylor, lie about their last names so we could all sit in the “E” section of the alphabet.  Like

Despite the lack of gowns and cap on Kevin, I swear we graduated.

always, my grandparents managed to get the best seat in the house, and sat on the floor a few rows behind me. I’m sure if we’d stuck a robe on them, people would have mistaken them for graduates.  It feels so good to be finished with school and so equally terrifying to be now a member of the “real world”.

After graduation I spent a week in Indy. Kevin who had been carrying a special surprise around him for almost a month prior, finally shared with me the gift that keeps on giving: a sinus viral infection! I spent the good majority of my week sneezing, coughing, and working through a terrible fever while dog sitting for my folks- all with a smile on my face! THANKS, KEVIN!

All that sickness fun aside, after first week as a college graduate, it was time to get back to work and fly back out to CONAN to finish up my internship. I could not have had a better first day back. Aside from the awkwardness of walking into a kitchen full of brand new faces, it felt like I hadn’t been away at all.  Since I stepped down from the Talent Intern position, I basically float to whoever or whatever department needs me. On Monday that meant the stage crew. They needed a female stand in for lighting and staging rehearsals, and as a female who can stand and be quiet at the same time, I was the perfect candidate.  WELL it just so happened that the bit they were working on for the day was a piece for the Monologue where Conan was going to give one fan a “crazy new” picture for their facebook page. The props guys had rigged up a set piece that looked like an aerial view of a bed. Conan and his guest were to stand up in front of the piece so it would look like the two of them were “in bed” together. I stood in as the audience guest all morning with several Conan stand ins for lighting purposes. Then, finally it was rehearsal time. I was told to stay put so I did. When it came time to rehearse the bit, Conan himself came up to the audience and picked me out for practice. He asked my name and where I was from- we had to practice this part several times, so maybe he actually knows my name now!  Then we stood next to each other in front of the bed set piece, and made faces that would be perfect for a new facebook picture. Needless to say, it was the best rehearsal ever. The proof is in the pudding, and some of my intern friends snapped pictures of us on the monitors.

The next day my Stand In duties continued. I got the privilege of kissing the business end of Teddy Jr., the fictional Ted Turner’s bison during rehearsal. Ted Turner on

Small Screen Magic

CONAN is played by SNL great Will Forte so being yelled at by him to kiss Teddy Jr. was totally worth it.

Two days in a row of being in the thick of it onstage was awesome.

The rest of the week was pretty slow. We taped two show on Monday and one on Tuesday, making Monday a long first day to be back. But it was also nice to be thrown back into it. Wednesday through Friday we did not tape shows because Conan and some other players on staff had to go to Upfronts, which is a big meeting held for advertisers. At Upfronts different networks bring out all the shows they plan on having for the rest of the year and promote them to get the advertising needed for them . Without tapings, the rest of the week went extremely slow. I did a lot of internet scouring and ever task I was given, I made sure to figure out the best way to do it as to eat up as much time as possible.

That is usually  NOT the case for CONAN. It is usually busy ALL the time, but when you don’t have a show, there aren’t as many errands or tasks to be done that needed to be done yesterday.

Here’s to another week at CONAN!!



27) CHATTY CATHIES: This past weekend I saw my first movie at a real theatre in LA. I went to an AMC, paid $12.50 and saw my favorite movie of the year thus far, Bridesmaids. It was hilarious and I loved it. I was excited to see a movie in LA at a real theatre despite the price tag. Looking forward to the next two and a half hours ahead of me, I relaxed in my chair and put my feet up, ready for some previews. That’s when it all started.  People in the audience with me were making very loud comments about every preview: “OHHH That looks good!” “Ugh, Another one of THESE movies?” “OH I JUST LOVE TOM HANKS!”. I thought this was just a preview-phase thing, so I grinned and bared it. Unfortunately, it continued through THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!! I don’t know if this was a freak incident, but I am going to go ahead and make a blanket statement about the entire state of California: They can’t shut up through a movie.

28) The dogs in California must be the most perfectly prepped and pampered dogs in the country. In the two mile stretch of Magnolia Blvd I take from my house to Burbank, there are about 10 different dog grooming shops. All are still in business and all have some cutesy play-on-words name like “EuPHURia,” “HollyWOOF,” or “Pimp my POOCH.” It boggles the mind how well tuned up the California K-9s must be.

Back in the I-N-D-Y

So I have to apologize. I have been away  from the ol’ blog for a while. But you cannot hold it against me, thing in my life have changed. Lots of stuff has happened. Lots of stuff, I swear!!!

Most importantly. I have been asked back to work a CONAN for a few more weeks. Which is AWESOME. This means I get to stay on as an intern for a while longer. I am so

Basic Cable Interns work hard and play nicely.

happy and excited and relieved that April didn’t end my run at the best job on earth. Looks like I’ll get to be a Basic Cable Intern a while longer yet.

Pretty much more importantly/DEFINITELY more importantly: I was within INCHES of Tina Fey. My Idol. My Role Model. The one person I can look to and say, “SEE!? I WANNA DO LIKE THAT!” But due to the poor grammar and vague pronouns, few people can really decipher what I mean. Basically, she came to the show my last week before my break and I got to see/kind meet her (She totally said, “Bye! Thanks for having me!” to me- no bigs) I mean, we’re basically best friends for ever now. But , seriously, EXTREMELY AWESOME. It was the best moment ever. She was incredible. I also was lucky enough to meet Tim Meadows, a former SNLer  also, so once again the Green Room turned into a Saturday Night Live mini-reunion.  **Editors note: if you haven’t read Tina Fey’s Bossypants yet, stop reading this, turn off the computer, drive to a book store, get a copy, and read it. It is amazing. When finished reading please, come back to this blog post.

That was really the most important thing that happened in the last week or so. At the show, I also got to pet a Shetland Pony, which are these miniature horses. They look fake and because they are so tiny, everything they do looks hilarious. Also, I had a lovely evening with Aaron and Kate McLane and Andy, Mel and Bell Curtis, grilling out and relaxing before I left for home. There were also a lot of “see you later-s” the next evening after work when a bunch of us Interns went out for some TACOS. Good times were had by all I believe. At least, I know I had a good time and in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?

So Friday morning I gathered my things (ok, so I had been mostly packed since like Tuesday but whatever) and Tracy drove me to the airport. Yes, it was time for my triumphant return home. Now, I had not flown since my senior year in high school (four years ago) and I had never flown by myself (not THAT big of a deal, but it was the first time not having someone else tell me where to go) Needless to say, I was a little on edge. Oh, and I don’t like flying. No matter HOW many laws of physics you are following perfectly, I am just not a fan of the notion that a several-ton metal tube is rocketing hundreds of miles an hour, thousands of feet above the earth. I cannot get over it. I had to distract myself.

My flight took me from LAX to Phoenix airport to Indy. I took a window seat on both planes just behind the right side wing. I am a creature of habit and therefore sat in basically the same spot twice.  While sitting there waiting for our plane to taxi and eventually take off, I was distracted from my nerves by the wing. It was so dirty. All I could think about was cleaning that wing, getting all the little crevices with a toothbrush and dishwashing soap. I knew I could clean it so effectively an efficiently. I gazed at the wing for minutes. Suddenly I snapped out of it, when I realized I was indeed my mother’s daughter.

As the plane took off I chewed furiously at gum to avoid popping my ears and looked out the window. The rattle of the plane and feeling the G-forces working to give the plane enough lift, caused my heart rate to spike a little. Before I knew it, I was ascending to the sky from LAX en route east to Phoenix. As I peered out my window- torturing myself by staring into the increasing altitude we were achieving- I realize we were no longer flying over land, but rather the ocean. My mind began racing: “Am I on the right flight?” “Do they know which way Phoenix is?” “Should I go tell the pilot we need to stop, land, and that I’d just drive back to Indy?” I remained silent as most of my questions were answered as we turned sharply to get back over land, due east. Apparently all flights from LAX take off toward the ocean.  No wonder the flight attendants told us about the flotation devices stowed under our seats.

The rest of the flight was pretty lackluster until we arrived in Phoenix. It was 85* outside when we landed, luckily I was in the air conditioning. I had about a 40 minute wait until my flight to Indy so I explored the airport a bit (PHX is superior to LAX- the PHX bathrooms have automatic sinks- none of that “push” baloney) and I watched from the terminal as my checked bag was loaded into our plane.

The fight to Indy took about three hours and was for the most part enjoyable. I had no one in the seats next to me, no one in the row in front of me, and no one adjacent to me. I had my own little bubble. I happily read Bossypants and laughed out loud several times. About two hours into our trek we hit some rough weather. There was lighting around us and we experienced a good deal of turbulence. The flight attendants seemed calm and I did a good deal of talking myself into being calm. After a few more minutes of the turbulence, a voice came over the PA and began to sing: “Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. That started with a fishing tour upon this tiny ship” Yes. The Captian of the plane began to sing the theme song to Gillian’s Island. He changed several of the lyrics to better suit a plane and our situation. When he finished most of the cabin burst into laughter. I sat there, horrified, mouth agape, refusing to be contented by his little stunt. I then began counting the minutes until we touched down. Soon we reached Indy and I had never seen a more beautiful sight.  My parents, Pete, Tom and Kevin were all at the airport waiting to greet me. It was fabulous.

Well I could not be happier to be back with my family and back home again in Indiana. I will be back in LA soon though, relaxed and ready to go on another great bout as a Basic Cable Intern at CONAN.  Before I head back, I will be graduating from Indiana University. I could not be more exicted. I’ve had an amazing college experience but I am ready for the next thing- what that is, I do not know yet, but it will be awesome.

Until next time!


25) In California every women’s restroom (I can’t speak for the men’s) has seat covers. Either they are overall more concerned with bathroom hygiene than Indiana is, or there are WAY higher risks of getting “booty diseases” out there.

26) In line with #25 and possibly disproving the theory that Califronia is concerned with Bathroom Hygiene: Dogs are allowed to roam free in Airport restrooms. WHAT!?!?! I do NOT want your dog- no matter how bite-sized it may be, roaming around in a PUBLIC restroom. SERIOUSLY! NOT COOL.

Long as I Can See the Light

To everyone at Indiana University- I’d like to wish each and everyone one of you a very happy and celebratory Little 500 Week. Of course, I miss it like crazy but know I am trying my best to keep the spirit alive here in LA. I appreciate all the celebration in my honor, because let’s face it: none of you really care about a bike race.

For everyone who DID NOT understand what that was about: WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!! Or for those of you whose first time it is to this blog: 1) Why is NOW your first time? And 2) WELCOME!! It’s that time of week again when I have found the time to take the thoughts in my brain and put them on the internet in a way that seems coherent at least to me. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Uncle John: I know you read this blog. I appreciate it and I hope it makes sense- love you all.  Welcome back.

Let’s see, last time we left our Basic Cable Intern heroine, she was off fighting the evils of ranch dressing and vegetable plates in the Green Room while making sure the place was clean and guests were well taken care of. (To any English-loving Grammarians: I know it is not proper to end a sentence with a preposition

I could hardly breathe when I saw this up close- I wish I was joking...

, but just TRY to stop me)

This week was somewhat run-of-the-mill. As much as it can be that way at CONAN, some of the Talent Internship related perks were seeing Tracy Morgan interact with Larry King. They were SO excited to see one another. It was really cute. As Larry King walked by Tracy’s dressing room, leaving the make-up room, the entire Green Room heard, “ LARRY! LARRY KING!!!” from Tracy’s room. They both went on to make a terrific show that day. AS far as guests went this week, Rap Hype Man, Lil Jon was on the show, and I thought the “lil” (standing for “little”) in his name was just for effect, but WOW, he was VERY little. It was ridiculous, not dissing on him, just stating facts. (Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Uncle John- I’m so sorry you won’t know who that is.)

Like I said, the week was pretty day-to-day until Friday. On Friday, once again my Stick Shift driving skills came to fruition.  On Friday last week, I got the privilege to drive Conan’s 1992 green Ford Taurus. Click this Link to catch you up on it’s vague history: (my REAL introduction to the Ford Taurus- can we also just notice the guy he is working with in this sketch is NAMED Elliott?)  OR more recently: But basically, while those were Late Night and Tonight Show clips respectively, Conan has been using this car forever. I even saw an old registration in it that was for New York from 1996. He actually owns this car. Anywho I had to take it to get a SMOG test. In LA, all cars are required to take a smog test. While I cannot tell you the results of the test, you shouldn’t care- what matters is I GOT TO DRIVE THAT CAR. He actually owns, it, actually drives it.  Once again, there are HUGE perks in knowing how to drive a manual transmission. I need to be upfront though: I have been watching Conan drive this car and play around with it on TV since I was like what, 10? And this was an absolute dream come true.  My friend and fellow intern, Allyssa, accompanied me on my excursion to smog  check  and replace the battery this car. To get it started we needed a jump. Every time we needed a jump. The car is missing the rear view mirror AND driver’s side mirror- it’s illegal to drive without the rear view mirror, but I figured if any cop pulled me over, I’d use the old, “This is my Boss’s car” routine, and “Oh, my Boss is CONAN O’BRIEN.” But I never got a chance to do so because LA police are too busy to pull over some punk kid like me for driving

Before "Cell Phones" there were "Car Phones"

without a rearview mirror.  BUT like I said, this was SO exciting for me. This was a piece of Conan O’Brien history. I might as well have been riding the Monorail that was sung about in the Simpsons episode he wrote, or  running lines with Dana Carvey and Mike Myeres on any of the SNL sketches he wrote between 1987-1991. It was SO COOL. I nearly died when I was given the assignment. And once again, it was all because I can drive a stick shift- and not to brag, but I drive one REALLY well.  So that was EASILY the highlight of my week. Seriously, those clips of the Taurus I have on here: I remember watching those when they first aired. I hope but doubt you can fully understand how much this means to me (except for Allyssa, my intern buddy and Peter Elliott)

In addition to driving the “Green Machine”, the “Emerald Monster”, “Johnny Jonestown,” the “Sh** Box” as Conan so delicately calls it, I also got to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday. So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ!!! I love you!! For my Dad’s bday, I asked Andy Richter if we could snap a shot because my Dad thinks Andy is the funniest guy on earth. Of course Andy said yes. He is, like I’ve said, the nicest guy ever.  Anyway I want to share that with you. It is incredible to see another fellow semi-Hoosier, doing such awesome things. When I thanked him again the next day for taking the picture he said, “Oh good! But I didn’t believe you actually took it because I didn’t see it on the internet.” Classic Andy. Also, I love you Dad (and Mom).

So I hope those videos worked for you. If you were too cool and didn’t watch them, you are missing out on a lot of good backstory. If you already were familiar with the Ford Taurus, watch them again and I guarantee you will laugh out loud. I’ve said it once, and I will say it again: Conan is one of the most naturally funny people I have ever been in contact with in my life. He is amazing and those sketches (esp. the Late Night ((1st)) one, are proof).

Well for now, it is on to greener pastures, and by that I mean bedtime.

Until we meet again, know that I am thinking of you all and loving every minute of my days at CONAN.

Andy- Now it's on the internet, you can believe the pictute took


23) You can see a free movie at any given moment. Since this is where Movies are made, they are always looking for test audiences. DO NOT BE FOOLED. If you are going to attend a “screening” for “free” please be aware that you will be required to give feedback to the movie. While I have yet to attend one of these, I know several people who have and because of that had to fill out long-winded questionnaires. As a great *the italics is for sarcasm* teacher I once had said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and let me tell you, there is no such thing as a free movie.

24) Nobody does their own gardening. In Indiana (REPRESENT!), I feel the majority of people do their own gardening and take pride in it. My parents do theirs, Kevin’s parent’s to theirs, my Grandpa does his, and if my Nana needs anything, you can bet your sweet bippy my Dad, Brothers or myself are down there to do it. In California, everyone hires out their yard work. In the case of the lady I live with, Tracy, I understand- she can’t do it all on her own. But on my daily morning runs, I am SHOCKED by the number of obviously rented-out workers mowing lawns and edging sidewalks. Conclusion= Californians are lazier than we thought.


Let’s Hang On

Gather ‘round one and all! It’s time for more Basic Cable Intern blogging!! That’s right I’m coming to you live* from beautiful** Burbank*** California!!!!!

Well, well, well the countdown has begun. As of today, I’ve only got 8  more shows of CONAN I will be working on.  I want to stay working here forever. It’s never a chore to wake up, it’s a pleasure to do anything there, and the people are incredible. My heart is breaking. SO let’s NOT focus on that. Let’s focus on the good.

Hot news this week:

Andy Richter knows my name, which is awesome because he specifically told me he wouldn’t remember it. The conversation went a little something like this, “Hey Meg, can I get a towel?” Me (shocked and amazed)- “Oh yeah! Sorry, I meant to put one in your room this morning.” Andy- “Yeah, well don’t let it happen again.” Me- “Here you go. Trust me, it won’t.” Andy- “Phht, better not.” Yeah- it was AWESOME. A week or so ago we chatted about IU (his dad taught there, I go there) and so maybe that stood out to him. He’s a really nice guy.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. It was a live broadcast award show that had a LOT of children involved. Now, I’ve worked with kids a lot before- I was a camp counselor, I’ve babysat, I once WAS a kid myself. Nothing could have prepared me for this madness. Kids- most of whom

Not at the KCAs, but my impression of the dinosaur behind me

were hyped up on sugar and were at the NICKELODEON KID’S CHOICE AWARDS! This is like the coolest thing on TV for kids. I remember watching this event on TV as a youngster and thinking “wow, that’s so cool, those kids are so lucky.” Then there I was, at 22 years old, working the “Orange” (Red) Carpet. At the KCA, the carpet is Orange because that is Nickelodeon’s color. Anywho, I was in charge of around 40-60 kids who were to be the audience for a certain part of the Orange Carpet. Most of these kids were children from around the area whose parents snagged them tickets to the event, others were kids from underprivileged schools who were rewarded for good grades by the opportunity to come to the show. I thought that was really cool that the audience coordinator/ stage manager made sure those types of kids got to come to this show. She is also the same lady who gave me the opportunity to work this award show in the first place.

As I paraded kids around the USC area (the award show took place at the Galen Center on the USC campus) I got to know several of them well and tired to answer their questions. “Is Justin Beiber going to be here!?”- I don’t know, kid. They don’t tell me much. “Have you met Justin Bieber!?!” -which I could actually respond Yes to, because he was on Conan in February- needless to say this made me the coolest person there. “Who is your favorite person on iCarly?” Ummm… all of them??

OK, so I didn’t have all the answers they wanted. But I did know where to put them, when to move them, and how to get them back to their chaperones.  My main job was to make sure the kids were visible to the camera, that they cheered loudly when someone walked by, and that they were corralled to the right areas of the Orange Carpet at the right time. The live broadcast was a huge success and as a pre-show Production Assistant, I didn’t have to attend the actual awards show. So my coworkers and I did what any smart person who has been up and dealing with young children since 6am- went to the nearest bar for a drink! Luckily we got to the bar just in time to catch the last minute of the Butler Final Four Game- which was awesome (The championship game however, was NOT awesome- still, GO DAWGS!) It was a long day, but a great day. I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot. Working on a live broadcast is really fun. There is no room for mistakes and it’s so high pressure.

Also, there is a tendency for people to get “slimed,” meaning they unexpectedly get covered in neon green goop. Getting “slimed” is something that seemed really cool when I was 11, now that I’ve doubled those years, and watched hoards of children leave the Galen Center shivering from the cold slimed they had been doused in, I realized I was very lucky. I really dodged a bullet not having to attend the ACTUAL award show.

This was actually my 2nd awards show to work in my time out here. Just before Spring Break I got the opportunity to work a live televised show, the NAACP Image Awards. I was part of a Seat Filling Crew. At award shows, oftentimes after nominees win or lose, they leave or celebrities shuffle around during breaks because they can and no one will stop them: “I’m sorry Mr. Clooney, but once you’ve take your seat you must stay there for the next 3 hours- no bathroom breaks”. Because of this, average joes like you and me, can sign up to be “seat fillers”. These people dress in the appropriate attire for the event (in my case, it was black tie, so suits and gown-ish things), then they arrive at an appointed time, and are herded into areas where they are given guidelines for the show. They’re not allowed to talk to celebrities, pitch scripts, network, or cause any sort of ruckus- which is understandably so. Then it’s my job to frantically move them from one seat to another for the duration of the show. It was a great experience and I got a great behind the scenes look at live television and an award show.

In other news, it was basically Saturday Night Live day on the show today- which was awesome. Colin Quinn, Will Forte, Conan (who wrote for SNL) and Jack McBrayer (who has done a little SNL, never a cast member though) were all there. It was a crazy day in the Green Room. There were so many people. The SNLers were so nice and excited to be there. It was, as always, another GREAT day to be working at CONAN. I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!


21) People LOVE trying to figure out where you’re from based on your mannerisms. Most people dead pin me as a Midwestern girl within a few minutes of meeting me.  Usually they say it is because I am polite or mild mannered. Occasionally I get mistaken for an East Coaster because of my voice. I have no idea what those people are talking about. I speak perfectly Midwestern, meaning no accent.

22) Much to my dismay: NO one does the jeep wave. For those of you who don’t drive a Jeep Wrangler- the Jeep Wave is a nod, wave, or acknowledgment of another Jeep driver as you pass each other on the road. I have tried so many times and I have YET to get someone to wave back. It’s not even an annoying wave like, “HEY, WE BOTH DRIVE JEEPS!” It’s usually a casual two-finger salute that says, “jeeps- sweet.” I imagine no one participates out here because it may be seen as a gang symbol- what with all the gangs out here. They must be worried about a Jeep Gang of sorts. Hmmm… starting a Jeep gang… not a bad idea.



*live- whenever you read this

**beautiful- It’s 55 degrees here and cloudy on April 7… so interpret that how you will

***I’m actually blogging this from my house in North Hollywood


Every Little Thing

**** BEFORE WE START: Happy 21st Birthday to my little bro, Pete!!!! AND HAPPY CUBS SEASON!!!! ******* That is all: Please continue your blog reading:

Well, well, well. Here I am again, writing a post later than I wanted to. I’m going to blame Daylight Savings Time, even though that was about three weeks ago now. In all honesty I have actually been thrown off by the SPRINGing forward. I wake up every weekday morning at 6:30 to run before getting ready for work. Before Daylight Savings Time, this schedule worked really well as far as sunshine was concerned. Now, the sun rises an hour later- making it harder to wake up in the morning seeing as it the sun is still dawning. I guess the upshot is that now it is still sunny out when I leave work for a bit.

ANYWHO- DST excuses aside, here is another riveting BASIC CABLE BLOG POST!!!

The last week and a half have been a whirlwind. After this Friday, I only have three weeks left at CONAN. I cannot believe this. Even typing this leaves me a little numb

This Internship will never NOT be cool

inside. I understand what an incredible opportunity this has been, and I cannot believe my time there is almost up. While I want to actually WORK there more than most anything in the world, I realize what a precious job it is and that there aren’t often openings. Hence, I am working on finding me a job elsewhere, but more on that later and as it develops. It’s too depressing to think about now.


This past weekish was full of good times. Like I had mentioned previously, getting back in the swing of things was a little tough after the hiatus. In that first week back, one of my highlights was the fact that Ellie Kemper (Erin the receptionist from The Office) was a guest. Not only do I love The Office but it was really cool to see her there because she interned for Conan back on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in New York years ago. Both she and John Krasinski (Jim on The Office) interned for Late Night and it is so cool to see interns who have really gone out there and done something. While we didn’t interact too much directly, she was very polite and thanked me as she was leaving. It was almost like she was thanking me for interning because she remembered just what it was like to be in that position. However, this is all my fictional opinion of the events that occurred so who knows what she was REALLY thinking. It just gives hope to me and all those other interns with stars in our eyes.

I got to meet the Boss Man’s parents this week as well. They were an adorable old Irish Couple. I got the Missus some coffee and chatted them up about having big Irish Families.  With their gentle demeanors and bright eyes they reminded me a lot of my grandparents.

I also had my first real conversation with Andy Richter this week- yeah it only took me like three  months. Because it is so cold in the Green Room and on stage I have to layer and I often do so with my IU red fleece zip up jacket. Well, Andy must have noticed it because while he was getting a coffee and I was restocking the cabinets he inquisitively asked if I went to Indiana. I told him I did and he told me that his father taught Russian there for a very long time. He said he lived in Bloomington for a few years before his parents divorced and visited Bloomington often while growing up. We chatted about it some more, and then he had to go. It was really cool to see yet another strange IU connection here. Andy is also one of the nicest people I’ve met. He was easy to talk to and funny.

The past week we did not have a show on Thursday due to March Madness. Since Thursday was treated like the normal Friday, it was weird then to be in the office with such little to do on that Friday. It was a nice week to ease back into the chaos that can sometimes be working at CONAN.

How could I NOT mention the Bulldogs win this past weekend. Most of my weekend was absorbed by basketball. I spent my Friday afternoon and evening watching March Madness then celebrating nothing at my friend Kiren’s apartment with Franzia boxed wine and frozen cheese pizza. We are classy ladies.

Well I will keep this week brief seeing as I just want to get a post up AND last week’s was so long.  Things are still going great. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. I can’t even think about the possibility of not walking onto the WB lot every day to hit up stage 15 for CONAN.

In good news: This coming Sunday I will be making my LA debut as an improviser in the show UP LATE with Adam Fisher at Comedy Sportz LA. This is the same show Kevin and I went to twice over Spring Break and I am so absolutely excited to get a shot to perform. It has been so long since I have been in front of an audience and I cannot wait! Here’s to breaking not just my leg, but everyone else’s legs with laughter!


19) There are rules for how to properly park on a hill. Because California is such a hilly and mountainous place, one is often forced to park at dangerous degrees and pray to God that their emergency break holds the car steady. To prevent silly broken break accidents from occurring, it is California state law that the front wheels of the car are turned as far as possible to one side or the other depending on what side of the street you are parked on. I realize that was a very unclear statement, but I’d be lying if I said I understood it any better. I don’t know which way is the “right way” to do it and am pretty sure I never have.

20) Southern California Classic Rock stations play the “Money” by Pink Floyd  multiple times a day. Since I don’t get to go on runs as often as I used to for the show, I don’t get to experience this phenomenon as much as I had previously. And while I have only listened to one classic rock station the entire time I’ve been out here, I had heard “Money” on the same trip (to and from) at least twice a week. CALIFORNIANS LOVE PINK FLOYD and the ESPECIALLY LOVE “MONEY”. I guess I don’t blame them? Naw… I blame them.

Besame Mucho

It’s been pouring rain for the last five days in the City of Angels. The Heavens must be crying because:

Basic Cable Spring Break ’11 is officially over. And what a lovely break it was. While I love working on the show day in and day out, I have to admit, it was great to have a little time off. I wasn’t the only one at the show who felt that way. It was evident Thursday after the last show that everyone felt like a bunch of kids, counting down the minutes to vacation.  When this dark week was announced, I was a little worried because I figured a whole week was a lot of time to fill, but even more excited when I realized it coincide with IU’s spring break, meaning a week of Meg and Kevin’s Basic Cable Adventures!!

After a half day of work Friday, I be-lined to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank to pick up “the Rev” as my folks have so nicknamed him for no real reason.  We kept a low profile Friday and just sort of wandered around Burbank a bit. I also gave Kevin some early birthday presents that I just couldn’t keep to myself any longer like Batman

We are good gorcery shoppers

themed Chuck Taylor sneakers and season two of Breaking Bad (which we finished during the week). Additionally we did some light grocery shopping for the week: hotdogs, buffalo chicken, apples, juice, chips and beer.  All in all a good day.

That Saturday, 3/12, we met up with our high school friend, Erin, for brunch where we chit-chatted and caught up while dining on Patty’s diner food in the sunshine. We showed her around Hollywood & Highland where the Gauman’s Chinese Theatre (very famous theatre), Kodak Theatre (where the Oscars are held), outside the Chinese Theatre is where the celebrity Hand and Footprints are, and up and down Hollywood where people earn their “Stars”. You can also see the HOLLYWOOD sign from atop a few flights of stairs. It was great to catch up and be able to play tourist for a bit. Honestly, I impressed myself with how familiar I was with the area. After saying our goodbyes, Kevin and I got ready to head to Kate and Aaron’s for the night. Before we began our trek to Pasadena, we had to make a stop at Emerald Knights comic book shop for Kevin to peruse the goods. Kate and Aaron then took us to a Korean BBQ restaurant where for $16 a person, you are brought plate after plate of delicious spicy meats until you explode. The challenge here is to tell the waiter to stop bringing meat BEFORE to burst or else you have to pay extra for your take-home leftovers. Kevin and I were very good eaters that night.  Then we enjoyed the rest of our evening with their friends Jeff and Amy and before we knew it, it was Sunday morning.

Sunday brought Day Light Savings Time (which I STILL am adjusting to oddly enough) and Improv class for me. SO I left Kevin at Kate and Aaron’s, I figured he would either hang out or try to walk back to North Hollywood, he did the former and enjoyed bro-ing out with his brother and playing enough xbox to hopefully get his fix for the week ahead. After class, which was delightful, I came back to Pasadena, picked up my boo, and drove home. We tried to meet with a former student of Tracy’s, Marco, for dinner. He was in LA for the week from Germany, where he lives and works, to help out some Evian people for his job; however, he got caught up in schmoozing and was unable to meet up with us.  So Kevin and I had a mostly quiet dinner at home of hot dogs then we went to an Improv show at Comedy Sportz LA.

The show was Up Late with Adam Fisher- if you are in the LA area and reading this, you NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW. It is a completely improvised show in the form of a late night talk show where the jokes are written live onstage, as well as the guests and interviews all based on Audience suggestions at the beginning of the show. It is SO well done and really funny.  Kevin loved it and my friend Kyle writes for it every week.

Monday, 3/14, we went to LA Zoo. This place was great. Huge zoo, lots of animals: meerkats, elephants, kookaburra birds, flamingos, lizards, condors, and tigers, lions, and

It's a Condor

bears (yeah, Oh My!). It was a lovely day and we spent most of it there. Afterwards we hit up a small shop in Burbank called Rocket Fizz which sells all types of unique soda pop and candy. That night we went to the Harold Night at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

***AT This point I realize this blog is getting long. I apologize. Trying to fit 10 days into so many words if difficult. Feel free to take a break from reading. Go outside for a quick stroll, stand up and do some stretches, or go grab a cold one and think about what you’ve done… Moving on, shall we?******

Tuesday we ventured to Venice Beach where I visited the Pacific Ocean for the third time since being out here but more importantly was reunited with my love, Lauren Elizabeth Schaefer. She and her good friend from high school, Duber, drove that morning from San Francisco to Venice Beach (for those who don’t know that’s like, a six hour drive) We explored the circus that is Venice Beach, saw vendors selling any type of lame souvenir you could want, skaters at the skate park, street performers, muscle bound crazies flexing their pecs at the Muscle Beach outdoor gym, and even caught a quick homeless person brawl.  Yes, it may not be the classiest place I’ve been in LA, but it was certainly one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was in the low 60’s while we were there so it was definitely not beach babe weather. (I know,  “beach babe” is the first thing I would use to describe myself too) After our brief but joyous visit it was time to go our separate ways.

We were thrilled to be reunited.


Wednesday was a day. I had to go to work from 10am-5:00pm to man the phones and make any runs that may be needed. However, most all the staff was out of the office so my day mostly turned into watching Cash Cab from the massage chairs in the green room with the other interns- which was awesome. When I got home Kevin and I tried to get on a list for another UCB improv show. We got a great deep dish pizza for dinner next door but were unable to get into the show because I didn’t realize the theatre only took cash, and being 20-somethings we had none on us. So instead we went home and enjoyed a Breaking Bad marathon.

ST PATRICKS DAY- First off, I have to say, no place does up St. Paddy’s like Indianapolis. I am pretty sure I will fly home if I have to for St Patrick’s in the future because it’s just not the same without a parade, the Rathskeller and my family. THAT BEING SAID: We had an really great holiday. Knowing Kate and Aaron were throwing a St. Pat’s

Cheerz for Beerz!

party that evening, Kevin and I headed to Pasadena early to catch a movie at the $2 theatre there. We saw The Illusionist an animated French film about an aging magician. It was appropriate because the little girl who stowed away with him in the film was from Ireland. We also grabbed a quick pint at The Lucky Baldwin pub before the film- I could have stayed there all day. The we went to Kate and Aaron’s were the celebration got real with delicious Corned Beef and Cabbage (so deliciously cooked by the hostess), vegetarian shepard’s pie, green-velet cupcakes, and all the Guinness and Harp one could ask for. It was a great time, so great in fact that it definitely warranted sleeping in until 1:30 the next day.

Friday we got home in the mid afternoon to a package for Kevin. My folks had mailed him a birthday gift all the way from Indy. It was a lovely surprise. Then, we hit up Full Frontal Comedy Alum, Derek Miller’s improv show at the iO West Theatre in Hollywood. The show was “Opening Night” and once again, if you are in the LA area COME SEE THIS SHOW! It was an entirely improvised musical and it was an incredible show. Afterwards we got to catch up with Derek and talk with him about improv, comedy, and LA. He had some good advice and even better stories to tell. I’ll definitely be back at that show again. He also gave us the idea of heading to the Getty Center for what we thought would be Kevin’s last day in LA.

Saturday, 3/19. Taking Derek’s advice, Kevin and I hit up the J. Paul Getty Center in LA. The Getty is an incredible art museum with paintings and sculptures that date back a thousand years to more modern pieces. What may be even better than the art there, is the location. The Getty is set atop a mountain along the 405 highway. The building is equipped with balconies on practically every level that cover every angle and you can see the entire city. It really gave me a great perspective on where I was and it was cool to see both the down town AND Pacific Ocean from the same place. After the Getty we went to Barney’s Beanery in Burbank to eat whatever tickled our fancy from

Downtown LA in the Distance

their huge menu, and finished Breaking Bad Season two if you are still keeping track of that.

Sunday was a day I was both looking forward to and dreading all week. I was excited because it was Kevin’s birthday and Kevin’s birthday is one of my favorite days of the year, but I was also mildly heartbroken because I had to take him to the airport and let’s just lay it out there: Thugs and Basic Cable Interns get lonely too. That morning, it was obvious the entire city was as sad as I was to see Kevin go, because there was a torrential downpour and vicious winds terrorizing the city (I, too, terrorize cities when upset) As we left for the airport Tracy wondered aloud if the flight would be canceled because of the weather. Being Hoosiers, we shrugged it off saying, “It’s only RAIN”, we didn’t remember that LA shuts down in rain. I dropped Kevin off then drove to improv class. Soon into my class I received texts from Kevin about how his flight was delayed, then texts about it being an hour behind, then finally his flight was canceled and he had found a new one for Monday night. I was positively elated but I know Kevin really needed to get back to class.  So we got one more surprise night together, went to Up Late with Adam Fisher again (it was hilarious, again) and that was that.

The next day, Monday I had work. I did my normal morning routine, did my normal work routine. It was evident everyone was a little sluggish coming back from a week off, but everything was back to normal by Tuesday. After work I came home, Kevin and I went to Subway for a quick dinner, and I took him to LAX airport. I had never been there before so that was something to cross off my list.  For anyone worried, Kevin got home safely and is back in Bloomington.

WOW. If you stayed with me, I applaud you. If it took you several days to get through this, I totally understand because I wouldn’t have had the patience to read all of this either. I promise my next post will be more on par with the previous ones. I just had to gush all about the best spring break ever with the best person ever. Thanks for tolerating my gushing. I promise it won’t happen again (at least not soon). THANKS for reading!!!

CALIFORNIA IS DIFFERENT: has been put on hiatus until next week because I don’t want you to have to stomach anymore of this post. Reading is hard and if I re-read this post later, there is no way I will make it down this far. Believe me, things are still different though.

Classic McLane


The Waiting

Like many of you who may be reading this, my mind is not at all focused on the work that must be done here to write this blog.  Yes, like many of you, next week is my “spring break”. The show will be dark (meaning we aren’t doing any tapings) Monday through Friday of next week. Because we work hard, we play hard too. I doubt anyone will be in the offices, besides us Basic Cable Interns who are each coming in one day next week to watch phones and generally hold down the fort.

This is extremely awesome for me because not only is it MY faux-Spring Break, it is also IU’s spring break, so Kevin is coming back into town and there is a rumor I will get to spend a day basking in the glory that is Lauren Schaefer.- ALSO, there is a good chance there may not be a blog next week, so don’t be discouraged, us Basic Cable Interns need a break too. I can hardly wait!

This past week was a doosy. My job working as a Talent Intern includes two other girls, and we rotate through different duties each day. However, last week, there were two days when one or both of them were out of the office. This meant double time duty for me- not that I’m complaining. It was rather fun to be given so much responsibility, but also quite tiring. Holding down the fort that is the Green Room is a lot of coordinating, cleaning, and tally keeping. Everyone must stay happy and I like to keep busy.

Between having Martha Stewart as a guest for Mardi Gras, and Animal Expert with animals in tow, and Pee-Wee Herman all featured on the show, CONAN has been a hopping place. When someone like a Martha Stewart is on a show, there is a lot of prep work. Because she is a food and craft/ homemaker guru, she needed to have anything for her segment prepped and laid out ahead of time. There were Martha “people” at our soundstage a day before she came to see what we had and what they would need to bring. For her taping day, her people were here by 10AM, cooking what needed to be made, setting out the goodies, and making everything look camera ready. Usually guests do not attend rehearsal because the interviews are not practiced, in Martha’s case, she did not come to rehearsal, but instead watched tapes of what she would need to do. She also sat out in the Green Room and watched the show being taped on the monitors with everyone before being taken out to do her bit. Say or think what you want about Martha Stewart, but in my book- she’s a lady who knows how to get things done. I was a fan.

Then this week we had animal expert, Nigel Marven, who brought with him all sorts of creatures. The animals, with crew in tow, arrived at 10 and hung around all day. The chameleons needed to be kept warm, so they had to stay outside where an intern or two would keep watch over them. The owl, king cobra, baby monkey, and baby blue penguins stayed in the Green Room. There was a good 2 hours after rehearsal where the penguins wandered about the common area of the room and played with anyone who would give them attention (which was everyone). Those little penguins were SO cute. Sure, the Green Room had basically turned into a mini zoo, but it was a ton of fun.

Most recently, Pee-Wee Herman stopped by for the show. As a long time friend of the show, he usually does more than an interview. This time he stopped by to tell everyone the Story of Lent: Special bits like this take a good deal of extra planning and rehearsal. Pee-Wee and his people came early- he was a super nice, polite guy by the way and his people were a lot of fun to work with. Special parts, like the skiing entrance were planned out the day before and put together the morning of the show.

This week has been absolutely crazy- which I love. Seeing all these parts of the show come together has given me a really great perspective on talk television. It’s a field I would definitely like to stay in and get a job in.

Outside my Basic Cable Internship, there have been a few interesting things in my life- nothing as enthralling as a chance encounter with Jon Hamm, but things I will note regardless.

Last weekend I got the windshield on my Jeep replaced (exciting, I know). The guy who did the work was very  nice and very eager to tell me all the places I need to visit in LA- my Indiana License Plate give me away. He told me I needed to hit El Segundo (which I plan on doing) and he wanted to to check out South Central. I told him I’d recently been on the USC campus so I had been there. He proceeded to tell me I needed to go to Compton because they had “really cleaned the place up” and that I would be safe as long as I “knew where people were- like the car behind you, the car in front of you, the boys on the street corners, and even the little old lady sitting on the porch, because she’ll be the first to turn on you”. Needless to say, he didn’t really sell me on the idea. He was very nice though and did a great job. It’s nice to see someone so enthusiastic about their hometown.

In addition to getting windshields replaced, I also went to an Improvised Late Night show: Up Late with Adam Fischer at the ComedySportz LA theatre where my good friend, tour guide, social scene guide and landlord for a week while in LA, Kyle Benham was part of the show. The show starts with suggestions from the audience and the jokes are written on stage by a group of comedy people as the show moves on. Guests are improvised on the spot from the suggestions and are interviewed by Adam, the Host. The show is complete with a house band and everything. It was a blast and will be running ever Sunday through at least March- so if you’re in LA come check it out!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Like I mentioned earlier, this Basic Cable Intern has a hiatus next week which is Industry for SPRING BREAK!! I’m hoping to explore all sorts of places and have numerous adventures to report back to you, so please don’t let it ruin your week if there isn’t a new post.  It will be a great week. In the mean time, everyone have a GREAT St. PATRICK’S DAY! It’s the best holiday of the year- I know I’ll be celebrating. I may even do a jig!


17) In Indiana, it is common to see Christmas lights lingering on houses into February. It’s cold, blizzard, and a pain in the rear. I do not approve of this, but I understand why it may happen. But even in Indiana, those things  need to come down by March or it’s beyond tacky. In California, however: Christmas Lights on your house in March isn’t just tacky, it’s one of the laziest examples of human slothery that I can imagine. IT IS 70* HERE THIS WEEK! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. And don’t try to tell me, “it’s for the party atmosphere” or “It really gussies up the place” because it doesn’t work for either of those things or any other possible excuse you just have. So just stop it, LA. Own up to your laziness and stop it.

18) Ok, so I feel like I’m going on an angry rant here- #17 there got a little heated I apologize. But this is also one of the most annoying things about this city: COMPACT parking spaces are for COMPACT cars. This seems to be beyond Californians to the point where I wonder why they even bother making Compact spaces. I cannot count the number of times I’ve tried to fit in a spot that upon approaching it to park, I realize has been taken over by a Hummer H2 that thinks it can just squeeze in there. Mini Vans, Trucks, Extended Jeeps, and most SUVs DO NOT qualify as Compact cars. If you cannot fit your vehicle comfortably between the lines so that people can slightly open doors, you are NOT a compact car. Apparently in California, COMPACT is vogue.