One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)

Well for a Basic Cable Intern, feigning knowledge is of the utmost importance. While encouraged to ask questions, you don’t want to come off as a No-Common-Sense-Nancy. At Conan there thankfully is no week-long orientation or something to bore you away from staying, instead, you’re thrown right into the mix. “Meg, can you go on a coffee run?” Sure! Do I know who to ask if they want coffee? NO so I’ll just ask everyone (this proved to be right). “We need someone to go tidy up the green room.” Oh! ME!  Do I even know where the Green Room is? NO so I figure it has to be somewhere around the office and gosh-darnit I’ll find it! (there was also a handy map on the wall I used -and still use- for reference.) “Can anyone scour the internet for a copy of House of the Dead the obscure DVD and find someplace in LA where we can buy it then go buy it?” YES I CAN!!!

Half the skill of this job is convincing people you are competent enough to take care of anything without too much explanation. The reason you are here is to do a job someone else is too busy to do themselves. Bogging them down by asking for too many details isn’t helping anyone. EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: If it is of utmost importance, has a LOT of details already- ask away and take notes.

All that aside, the rest of my first week went pretty smoothly. I unloaded popcorn, made small talk with the boss- like really small talk: “Wow, got enough popcorn there?” Me- “Hardly!”, learned my way around the different departments- meaning I figured out where they were all located. Who knew so much went into this? There’s a Digital Team that works with the website and social networking, the Control Room, Editing Room, and Graphics departments that all make the show look pretty. There’s wardrobe, hair & make-up, props, not to mention the entire filming, lighting, and sound crew. Upstairs there are Talent Coordinators, Clips & Clearances (finding clips to use on the show then getting legal rights to use them), Research (every guest must be researched), and Development. And then there are the groups you’d expect, Talent, Writers, Producers, and Conans.

All of these departments and people are vital to the show, and I am sure I’ve forgotten groups too. Learning names is another important skill to master, which I am still working on. Luckily for me, there is an INTERN BIBLE that has a picture/name index of almost everyone who works at the show. My first week I spent free time trying to memorize it, which proved to be a nearly impossible task because there are tons of people, it needs to be updated, AND I’m a Basic Cable Intern- I don’t GET free time!

This job still is incredible. I can’t believe what I am doing and who I am doing it for.  My favorite part of being here is my internship. I guess, the 75* weather isn’t bad either, but seriously, I have the best internship ever.

In this week’s edition of:


5) Everyone in California surfs. And it is yet to be proven if any of them are any good or at least as good as they think they are. If nothing else, everyone loves to just TALK about surfing and everyone wants to teach you. Last time I checked, the sun and I weren’t friends. My fair skin fries in the sun, so I’ll have to pass… darn!

6) Lawn fountains are all the rage. For a state that is horribly in debt and constantly in a drought, you think they’d try to conserve this precious resource.

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  1. Nice post BCI. Is it true that every time a lawn fountain is installed in California, a farmer loses his crop?

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