Turn, Turn, Turn

I have to say, I am horribly behind on this blog. Partially for good reasons, partially for desire to sleep- either way I want to catch up.

Week 2 on the job went pretty well. Things move incredibly fast here and half the battle is just being able to keep up. From runs outside the lot to runs on the lot for coffee, faxes, mail, and extra side jobs that sometimes come out of nowhere, you have to be ready for anything. I cannot count the number of times I have been approached by my Internship Coordinator, Katy, prefaced with, “So I’ve got a really weird request for you…” followed by a seemingly random task that tends to be more fun that what could be considered “standard procedure”.

I also feel I have become the “booze run” Intern. I swear I have bought more alcohol in the past 3 weeks than the last 12 months. It’s kind of fun because it usually for the musical guests- they come in early and rehearse all day then perform in the show. Now they aren’t getting sloppy-they’re just being rock n’ roll. My dream is one day they’ll be like “wow Meg, thanks for the Guinness and Harp we asked for. How about you come chill with us all day and have some Half and Halfs.” Also in this dream the artist is The Black Keys, Bob Dylan, or the Paul McCartney/ Ringo Starr tour that will announce and kick off their surprise tour on Conan after I suggest it to them… What just happened here? Sorry I blacked out for a second.

ANYWHO I have neglected to mention the absolute best part of this internship. I would wake up every morning and love what I do regardless, BUT the best part of every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is that I and the rest of the interns are asked to sit in on rehearsal. We spend roughly 1-2 hours watching the raw creative process of the Conan writers, crew, and Conan and Andy themselves. It’s really inspiring and fun. While nowhere near as high pressure of their 4 show a week schedule, it reminds me of how I’ve worked through bits and sketches on shows from high school all the way through Full Frontal Comedy. The process is the same. Even a single word swap can make a phrase funnier, a different vocal tone can make a joke hit harder, and a different energy can send a sketch home. It’s also interested to watch the interaction between everyone. Sometimes emotions run higher than others, but usually everyone is on the same page when something doesn’t work right. You can tell everyone really cares about this show and wants to make it the best it can be every single night. I could watch these people work all day and it just inspires me to keep trucking because I’m already on the right path.

That and did I mention that uncensored, improvised Andy and Conan are brilliantly funny? Because they’re downright hilarious.

Well kids, here is a scenario for you: if you’ve ever had a parent, teacher, relative, total stranger, or girlfriend *coughKEVINMCLANEcough*  tell you to learn to drive a stick shift, manual automobile, you’ve probably said to them something like, “That’s an outdated technology. Why would I want to learn that? I can already drive an automatic perfectly well!” While I’m sure you can drive that regular boring car very well, I’ve got one reason enough to convince you otherwise: You’re well paid famous boss will drive a Porsche! And there is a good chance that luxury vehicle will be a manual. AND there is an even better chance you will be one of the few lowly interns who can drive one, which means you are mentally and physically superior to EVERYONE (not really) and you get to drive that car to the gas station and fill it up with premium gas. – This is really just a long winded way of saying I got to fill up Conan’s sweet Porsche to the gas station and back because of my awesome skills. However awesome this opportunity was, the 6 years I have been driving an automatic car could hardly prepare me for this pressure. I was shaking. I got in the car, it was ridiculous. Also, Conan happens to be one of the tallest men in the world so I had to risk moving the seat to drive the car safely. This thing is worth more than I am at this point in my life. I tried to remember all the good safe driving habits I’ve forgotten. The only thing I could remember was my Grandma telling me once that seniors will do everything in their power to avoid making dangerous left turns. The rest of my mind was absolutely blank. Nothing can happen to this car. NOTHING. So I took all right turns until I found a gas station, then took all right turns till I found my way back to the WB.

Thanks, Grandma. I wouldn’t have made it without you!

Ok, well this post is getting long and at this point you probably can’t even remember why you stumbled onto this site in the first place.

Thanks for reading! More to come soon!


7) Everyone drinks coffee and will do anything in their power to get you to join them. WB sponsored a “free coffee truck” outside our studio and being a college student anything “free” must be taken advantage of. They may be converting me to the dark side. DAMN YOU CAFFE MOCHAS!

8 ) All the streets have the same names in different parts of town, which leads you to believe maybe they connect. THEY DO NOT! Never fall victim to this. Roads in LA have no meaning. Just turn wherever and whenever the Garmin tells you to. DO NOT QUESTION IT.

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  1. Posted by Scott on February 11, 2011 at 6:29 am

    Coffee, dark side, I see what you did there.

    Driving any Porsche is bad ass… let alone Conan’s! You’re such a ninja.

  2. Posted by Dan Coffey on February 26, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Just read this for first time. Today. I’m sure I’ll have
    more comments..

    But my first reaction: A Porsche…?
    C’mon Conan, buddy. We all would have imagined you in
    at least a Lamborghini…?

    Sounds like Ms. Meg is having a ball…

  3. Posted by Prof. Cindy on March 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    I’m alternating between “I hate u soo much rite now” and “woo! Stick shift, baby!”

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