With a Little Help from My Friends

I’m going to be honest, I don’t even remember week 3. Since last week was my 4th week here, I have decided to trudge forth by combining the two weeks into a haze of good times. Hopefully this works out and I will be able to start fresh and normal from here on out. (I feel like I say this every blog, but like I warned you in the beginning, I have no idea what I am doing so I wouldn’t believe anything I say if I were you.)

So week three started off with a bang. This Basic Cable Intern is now both a General Production intern (doing tasks for everyone) AND a Talent Intern. Duties include but not limited to: hosting the green room, making sure guests are comfortable, working the Talent Entrance, escorting Talent where they need to be, answering phones, and generally being a bad ass- which I already do so I didn’t have to learn much for that last one. So far it’s been pretty interesting. Definitely a different pace from what I was doing. Being a General Intern for even a day is tiring- lots of running around (both by foot and car) and trying to keep order to general chaos.  I love it, but I am looking forward to developing this new position.

I sat in on the daily morning production meeting this morning. I was really excited to do so, because I love to see how everything comes together. Every day I learn some new piece of the puzzle. For the meeting, everyone comes down to the Green Room. The talent, music, PAs, assistants, clips, research personnel- everyone gathers up. The meeting is led by the head writer, director and executive producer. Today’s meeting went pretty quickly. They discussed some of the funny faux pas of the Super Bowl that will be used as material for today’s show. By doing this they are giving everyone a heads up on what they need to have done by rehearsal/show time. It is amazing how much gets done between 8AM and 1PM (when rehearsal starts) and 2pm (when rehearsal usually ends) to 4:30 (when the show is taped). It takes every single person working here to work their hardest and be on the same page to get the show polished and on the air by 11:00pm.

Basic Cable Interns have a life outside of the office, too-it usually involves hanging with other interns, but such is life. The third week of my LAness, one of the interns rallied a bunch of us to create, write, and shoot a pilot promo for a New York Film festival. This all sounded great and a lot of us got on board, which was good because all this work had to be done in 5 days time to be submitted correctly. Needless to say I was up writing most weeknights that week, writing a script that was WAY to long for what we would be able to create in one day of filming. Several group meetings and one-on-one writing sessions took place. On a Saturday we filmed from about 9am to 10pm and the next day another intern edited and fancied up the entire thing. It was a great group effort, but more importantly to me, it was a great experience. I had never made a short film like this before unless I was asked to improvise a scene after being called to a shoot 5 minutes before filming. This was a chance for me to actually write. It was great- a real amateur Hollywood happening, I suppose.

In addition to working together on projects outside of work, there have been several intern-based parties. They’re always a good time and it’s nice to know I now have friends and people to do things with out here. Now that I have friends *fingers crossed- let’s not jinx this, Meg* I go to shows and apartments to watch TV and make merry. We’ve also got a nice tradition starting up of attending a Friday Happy Hour where we find a nearby restaurant and take advantage of Happy Hour specials as soon as we are done for the day. When you work for free, you live for specials.

Old friends have also played a big part in entertaining me while I’ve been out in LA. Kate and Aaron took me to my first Upright Citizens Brigade show at the UCB Theatre: Sentimental Lady. It was awesome. I miss improv so much. I had to fight myself from giving sideline support in the form of sound effects or voice overs for their scenes. The next day, I trolled the UCB website for classes and I am proud to say I start my first improv class (Improv 101) this coming Sunday. Kate and Aaron also took me to a farmer’s market at a place called The Grove, which is half super fancy outdoor mall with Burberry and Apple stores, and half crowded marketplace filled with cash-only vendors, some of which carry old fashioned toys that happen to be politically incorrect (see photo). So it’s pretty much the best of both worlds. Kyle and Allie have also been broadening my horizon here in LA, taking me to a delicious home-cooked style restaurant, Forage (LA people- YOU WANT TO GO TO THERE), and inviting me to a Super Bowl Party hosted by a bunch of original CSz Milwaukee people- making the Green Bay win even more exciting. AND most importantly, they found me a bar within walking distance to my house.

I’m starting to learn my way around town more. Slowly the layout of the land is becoming clearer to me. It helps if I ask questions like, “so what neighborhood are we in now?” and “so how far is this and in what direction is this from Conan or my house?” Everyone has been wonderfully willing to help me out. Know that your explanations and patience are greatly appreciated.

This is exactly what you think it is, and yes it's holding watermelon.

Well, not the most exciting post, but it is what it is. I KNOW I’M EXCITED TO BE WRITING THIS!

More to come! Stay tuned. Basic Cable Intern OUT!


9) People dress up to go to Target. I definitely did NOT get this message. When I do my typical errand running (grocery, Target, CVS), I’m lucky if I remembered to brush my teeth before I go.  This is new to me, and I doubt I will change my ways.

10) Everyone does P90X- the DVD workout system that claims its the most effective workout of all time is in your living room. It is like an ultimate total body shredding workout program designed to get you ripped in 90 days… if you have the discipline to do it, don’t over exert yourself the first time, and have the attention span for a 90 day plan. I’ll just stick to running.

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