I’ll Be Your Man

Well here we are. I am sitting here in front of the computer desperately looking for the right words for this week. Not that this week was difficult to describe because, BIDOOF, it was awesome, but I’m having difficultly encapsulating all the wonderful aspects of the week into one meager blog post- because as much as I dream and hope and promise it, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to become biweekly, but I am known to surprise. <- See what I mean? Writing an intro to this blog period is proving challenging.  Ok, well I have given up on trying too hard for this and am just going to let it flow or grow or blow or tow or snow or fro or…stow? Whatever: BLOG 6!!!

"NOOOOOO!!" Kevin reacting to the tar pit scene AND my brain reacting to writing this blog

This week my Talent Internship was in full swing. I worked in the Green Room for a good deal of the week. Since the show is still new, there are a lot of finishing touches we are working on all over the building, but definitely in the Green Room. For those of you who may not be familiar with this term (I know, I’m so “industry”) The Green Room is where all the Talent (guests/ musical, comedic or special performers- INDUSTRY”) hang out and relax before the show. We’re in the process of gussy-ing ours up. We’ve been hanging pictures, adding lights, you know- general sprucing up. Each guest is provided a dressing room; complete with bathroom, vanity, and a cheese & veggie tray- yeah, we do it up big here. I’m in charge of making sure those rooms are lovely looking, clean, and have fresh towels- yeah, I don’t want to brag or anything but it’s pretty impressive. Additionally I make sure all the lights are turned on and to the right intensity, organize and restock the fridges, lay out the food and clean up at the end of the night- once again, I’m really talented.  I act as the hostess for the Green Room and make sure everyone is happy. I must mention, in addition to working the Talent people and handling more responsibility as an intern (which are both really cool), I get to eat up ALL the leftovers. As I mentioned, we sever a lot of food- mostly cheese & crackers and fruits & veggies, so when we clean them all up at the end of the night, I get to scavenge though the goodies and feast. Since I’m an unpaid intern, I like to save where I can so basically I haven’t bought any produce or cheese since I’ve been here which is saving me on groceries (INDUSTRY!!!)

Yeah, this is the cutest thing you've seen all day.

Hugely wonderful and important this week, I was granted the pleasure of a quick visit from Kevin McLane, for those of you who don’t know, Kevin McLane is this guy I’m known to spend a lot of time with- I think he’s had a crush on me for the last like 6 years or so which is cool, but I don’t want to jinx it by going on and on about it. Kevin flew into the Bob Hope airport Wednesday night and stayed through Sunday morning. I had gotten him a ticket to the Thursday taping of CONAN, let’s just say I know people, and my internship coordinator got him a pass onto the lot for the day. Tracy was kind enough to bring him to Warner Brothers around noon to check in for his ticket instead of letting him hang out for hours like a bum in the parking garage when I went in at 9 that morning. Around 12:30 I get a text from him asking where my building is because he’s just wandering around the lot. I guess they just let ANYBODY with a pass wander through the place. I took lunch and showed him around a wee bit then back to work.

It was great to have Kevin around for more than just the fact it’s nice to have your boyfriend around. With him I was able to go do things that I normally can’t do with all my California peeps who grew up around here and aren’t impressed anymore. I’m not going to bore you with all the details of our adventure filled weekend, but here are some highlights. Friday we went to a farmers market. We hung out for a night in Pasadena with Kate and Aaron- ate more meat than I have ever had in one day in one BBQ dinner, watched RED, and had drinks. It was a lovely time, especially because we haven’t really been able to do those things with them before.  Saturday took us from Chicken Hoagies at the killer Lee’s Hoagie House in Pasadena to the LeBrea Tar Pits- actual tar pits in the middle of LA-they’re real and the park even features faux ancient animals suffering a tar filled-fate (click the upper picture for a better look, you won’t regret it). We had a little snack at the Tar Pit Park and decided to find a beach. Since neither of us is cool enough to have internet-savvy phones, I had to manipulate my Garmin to figure out just how close/far away we were to the ocean. Once we found one, we began the journey to Santa Monica Pier. This was absolutely incredible. We got to the beach around 5:30 and the sun was just beginning to set. We walked to the end of the pier (which is a lot like Navy Pier in terms of a Farris Wheel and people performing awkward talents to get money, except it looks out over an ocean, not Lake Michigan) and watched the sunset. It was beautiful and the first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to see it or wrap up our time together.

All good things must come to an end though, and before I knew it, I was dropping Kevin off at the Bob Hope Airport, pretending to be a big girl, Sunday morning. Luckily I had something to look forward to: MY FIRST IMPROV CLASS with UCB!!! UCB= Upright Citizen Brigade.  Sure, it’s improv 101, but everyone needs to start somewhere and everyone needs to perfect the fundamentals. The class began with mostly talking: introductions, rules, awkward sizing up of peers, you know- the usual. Then we worked on basic agreement for a bit. Right now, there’s really not much else to report. All I know is Improv cures what ails you and even the little bit of actual improv we did felt so good.

Well that’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more!


11) This state is a classic Contradiction as proof by their Groupons. Only since being in LA have I gotten Groupons for both $10 Baker’s Dozen Cupcakes AND 50% off Laser Fat Removal… ON THE SAME DAY!

12) Everyone really is shorter than you think they are. Almost every celebrity or guest has been significantly shorter than I expected them to be*. And it’s not that the famous people are the only short ones. There are a lot of tinier people here. I’ve never considered myself tall, maybe above average but never tall and here I practically feel like an Amazon… which could be a worse thing- this means I’m Wonder Woman.

*a lot of women wear some form of heel too- so for all I know they are even SHORTER.

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