Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Before I begin, let me just say: HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY!!!

For the first time in a long time this past week I fell asleep to the sound of rain. I also woke up to the rain.  I don’t think it has rained that long in Los Angles ever (which is totally hearsay, hearsay spread by me, it actually rains in bursts like that when is does actually rain sooo I guess what I just said is void) ANYWHO the rain was welcomed by many. I like the rain anyway, and so appreciated the change of scenery from sunshine and whatnot. According to my sources back home, Indiana has had better and warmer weather than Burbank this week. Congrats. You really pulled out a great team effort, Hoosiers!

I work at Stage 15, but for some reason this was a worthwhile picture.

It’s interesting working with the different levels of celebrities who walk into the green room. There is a mix of “A Listers”, “B Listers”, and whatever else you want to label them. I have to say, though, some of my favorite guests to work with are the musical guests or comedians. They are so excited to be there. It reminds me of how I feel everyday at CONAN and how I can’t wait to get to work every day. It’s the kind of joy I hope to have when I am writing for/performing on/hosting my own show someday. Many regular guests react in a similar fashion and it’s really great to see these famous people, often people who have influenced me, be so excited to be working with Conan for the day. It’s inspiring.

Something I haven’t talked about was a few weeks back when I got to attend a taping of the show. Usually the staff watches the taping on the zillion monitors up in the offices or the green room or the kitchens, but sometime I think in week three, we needed a seat filled and I got to fill it. The guests that day were Professional Stunt Man Steven Ho, Comedian Patton Oswalt, and musical guest, legendary rockabilly singer, Wanda Jackson. The coolest part about this show was that I go to see both the rehearsal and the actual taping. I saw Conan work through the stunts with Steven Ho, saw what jokes were reworked and what bits were cut from the show altogether. I

guess I usually see that every day, but it was so intimate this time and I felt like I was in on some secret from the rest of the audience. That and Conan is completely on fire during the shows. Just being in the audience you can tell he absolutely loves what he does and he’s really good at it. If you ever get a chance, DEFINITELY come out and see a taping of Conan, and if you can’t make it to CONAN there are plenty of other good late night shows happening right now (with the exception of one- I’ll let you figure that out). It’s a great experience to be in such an intimate setting watching someone perform.

Another helpful hint for anyone going to a taping of I assume anything: LAYER LAYER LAYER! I even had to layer the words LAYER to get my point across. While California may be glorious and sunny and never fall too far below 50* for too long a time outside, inside is awholenother beast. (yes, “awholenother” is not a word, but it is a commonly used phrase and one that is quite frequented in my lexicon- but I do want to point out that it is indeed, NOT a word, but I digress). Inside every building is somewhat chilly. The AC is on so that everyone may be comfortable. But in a studio, were anything is being recorded: Be prepared

for the frozen tundra that is a soundstage. I assume that because onstage, the lights are hot and beat down on the Talent, so to keep them comfortable, the entire building must be kept very cool to counter that artificial heat. For being in California I never thought I would be this cold all the time. It’s exactly the same as the routine I’d be doing now in Indiana, just slightly reversed. At school, I’d layer to walk to class, rush to get there in time, then be sweating while the indoor heating blasts in the building. Here I DON’T layer, so while I’m rushing to and from work- going on runs, what have you, I’m not sweating, BUT as soon as I get inside, I freeze. This seems like a no-win situation. It’s a delicate dance we Basic Cable Interns must master. I’m working on it. More to come as this story develops.

Most exciting thing to happen this past week was my appearance on the Live COCO Cam- a live hour-long webcam that streams every Friday at 2pm EST/ 11am PST. The prep is always fun and requires many random runs on Thursday to gather goodies for the events.  Common themes of the COCO Cam are people dressed up as edible delights, employees in Animal suits, writers being “interviewed”, and interns being humiliated. This week I was a

featured intern on something called “Eat It or Wear it!” which is exactly how it sounds. Two other interns and myself were brought in front of the camera, introduced to the audience (by audience I mean people on the internet who are watching the COCO Cam instead of working or trying to make the world a better place). Shortly after our introduction the hilarity ensued as those persons watching the internet got to vote whether we were to EAT or WEAR whatever food was brought out before us. Some of the edible items were: cream of mushroom soup, chilli, oatmeal, sprinkles, gravy, pizza sauce, chocolate syrup, goulash, and my absolute least favorite which may have only been outdone by mayo, ranch, or ketchup, was the dastardly MUSTARD! It smelled horrible. Four days later, I still worry I smell like a hot dog condiment. Gross. After the fun and games we were allowed to shower in the dressing rooms and hang out for a while. To be honest, I love making an idiot of myself for the sake of comedy, but I was more excited that the intern chicks got to be in on the fun this week. A lot of times the guys are eating something ridiculous like hot sauce, which I don’t have any desire to do, but I love to be part of this stuff. For those of you who missed it, check out this link: and cut in to about the 20 minute mark to check me out!

Don't let the beach fool you, LAYER!


13) National Holidays rock because the traffic is cut in half. No one is on the road. Here’s do all the bankers, mail workers, baristas, school teachers, government employees, and people who take this day off because they can. Holidays make everyone more pleasant because no one was stuck on a highway for more than an hour today.*

14) Apparently a nickname for my hometown here in LA is “India-NO-PLACE” which just isn’t true. We have a place- the heart of Indiana- THE FREAKING CROSSROADS OF AMERICA. We are WAY better than Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Louisville, Knoxville, most of Alabama, Flagstaff, and Oklahoma City, AT LEAST. I’ve had to become a fierce defender of Hoosierdom since arriving in California, rest assured my fellow Hoosiers- we shall not be slandered to my face!

*If you were, I am sorry, but don’t blame me that you found the one stretch of road with an accident or bad drivers today. That sounds like a personal problem.

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