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Well gang, here we are again. Me at my computer, you at yours. Well get ready for it, because here it is: Lifestyles of the Unpaid and Basic Cable Intern! (that reference didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, but it’s too much effort to erase it now.)

First off, let me say I feel I have been lied to. The Beach Boys have sang to me (directly to ME, no one else) all about the magic of California since my childhood. They told me it’d be warm and tropical. They said the guys were cooler and the chicks ever cuter- and for the longest time, I BELIEVED THEM. I’ve started singing “California Girls” with an inkling of pride (not nearly

SNOW- You GOTTA be kidding me.

as much as “Back Home Again” mind you), I’ve been to the beach, I’ve driven by the Hollywood Bowl, I’ve even considered going to San Francisco simply to put flowers in my hair (not a Beach Boys song- that one’s by Scott McKenzie, but still a valid Pop Song reference). But it has occurred to me that I have been LIED TO! Proof of this: it snowed this past weekend in Burbank. SNOWED- as in frozen particles of water from the sky, it HAILED- as in clumped frozen particles of water the size of peas, it was 40 DEGREES! This is NOT what I signed up for.  What I thought would be all binkies and pina coladas has been mostly sweatshirts and Guinness (the later drink by choice of course). Everyone swears this isn’t normal for Los Angeles and that this is the longest cold spell they’ve had in decades. Well I didn’t come here for excuses; I came to watch the sun from a distance inside a house, under an umbrella, while wearing 75+ SPF (I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but I’m pretty freaking pale- I prefer the term “ivory”). ANYWHO -You’re really grinding my gears, California. And Beach Boys- next time you see me coming you better run.

Well this past week has been pretty run-of-the mill. That doesn’t mean work has become boring or monotonous, rather, I think I’m hitting a good stride. I feel like I now have a better understanding of what  needs to be done first thing in the mornings, the lunchtime duties, followed by show and post-show clean-up tasks. I still absolutely love it, and it’s nice to feel like I am getting the hang of it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else this semester.

Despite the usual tasks, things did get mixed up a little this week. Oftentimes a Basic Cable intern is called to do something awesome. This past Thursday was one of those days. The Boss-Man brought his adorable, intelligent, energetic son to work and SOMEONE had to play with him. I was one of those someones. I spent a good majority of my Thursday morning playing (and being bested in) Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. It was one of the best Intern Tasks I’d ever been assigned.  Just more proof that day in and day out, you never know exactly what you will be doing here. You can only hope for the best and in the words of my Mario teammate, “KEEP TRYING!!!”

Once again I participated in the weekly CoCoCam.  In the same vien as last week, wearing food was involved. This week I was a Cake Catcher, where I jumped on a trampoline and caught cakes that were thrown at me. I’d like to thank my Dad, Mom, and Kickball for honing my athletic abilities. I feel I was generally successful due to my cat-like reflexes until Bley (the guy who runs the CoCoCam) caught me by surprise. I also had a nice following of Facebook and Twitter fans rooting for me in the comments feed, which was nice. I’ll let you be the judge, feel free to check it out here:  Go ahead and jump to the 20 and 42 minute marks to check out the Meg Action but I’m all over it this past week.

Outside of work this week was pretty eventful. My friend (YES I HAVE FRIENDS NOW!), Kiren, and I were invited to a Reggie Watts comedy show at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre). There were many special guests performing, including a certain Zack Galifianakis, so the show was awesome. As Reggie’s friends, we were asked to join

Exhibit A of awesomeness: Zack Galifianakis at UCB

him after the show at a bar next door. Upon entering, we found a table and a man wearing a baseball hat and the scruffy beginnings of a beard, congratulated Reggie on the show then introduced himself to us, “Hi, Jon.” I shook his hand and said, “Hello, Meg.” He asked if we would like a drink, and like any good Irish girl, I quickly responded, “a dark beer, a Guinness.” (I have found that out here, a girl drinking a Guinness is considered impressive, must have a lot of wimpy chicks out here) While he went to the bar to get mine and Kiren’s beers, I wracked my brain trying to figure out who he looked like. He brought the drinks back and as I thank him, it hit me: “Hi, Jon” was JON HAMM of Mad Men and 30 Rock and being an attractive Man’s Man fame. Playing it cool the best I could, I waited for him to leave, then pulled Kiren close to tell her the news. We giggled in spite of ourselves each time we made eye contact for the rest of the night. —– I don’t really like telling “who I met” stories, but this one was too ridiculous and will probably be the last time I do anything like it. This blog is for Basic Cable Intern Adventures only and will continue to be as such.

Until next time, stay fly till you die!



15) Motorcycles are allowed to do ANYTHING. I really don’t know if there are any driving laws for motorcycles here. They are encouraged and allowed to weave through traffic as they please, use the carpool lanes, and go at whatever speed they see fit. While it may sound like fun, it is extremely dangerous. On the plus side, it has made me less of an aggressive driver.

16) Everyone calls everyone by their first name, unless warned otherwise. I thought this was a phenomena found only at CONAN, but I have found it true almost everywhere I go. Regardless of age, rank, seniority, or position everyone is called by their first name. Maybe it’s the MidWesterner in me (which as become a very obvious thing apparently- but another topic for another post) or maybe it’s the Catholic rearing, but I have always called my elders and people in places of authority over me by their Mr., Ms., Miss or Mrs. prefix.  Here it’s all flashy cars and “Call me, Johns”. Besides the hip aspect of calling everyone by their friendly name, I assume the real source of this is to maybe hide one’s age- people often seem older when referred to formally. But I have a hunch this really stems from everyone thinking they are or wanting to be chummy with everyone else: “Oh yeah, my good buddy, Clint… Clint Eastwood- we’re pretty close, first name basis actually. He’s probably going to invite me to the Oscars next year… you know, because we’re such good friends.” Classic Hollywood.

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