The Waiting

Like many of you who may be reading this, my mind is not at all focused on the work that must be done here to write this blog.  Yes, like many of you, next week is my “spring break”. The show will be dark (meaning we aren’t doing any tapings) Monday through Friday of next week. Because we work hard, we play hard too. I doubt anyone will be in the offices, besides us Basic Cable Interns who are each coming in one day next week to watch phones and generally hold down the fort.

This is extremely awesome for me because not only is it MY faux-Spring Break, it is also IU’s spring break, so Kevin is coming back into town and there is a rumor I will get to spend a day basking in the glory that is Lauren Schaefer.- ALSO, there is a good chance there may not be a blog next week, so don’t be discouraged, us Basic Cable Interns need a break too. I can hardly wait!

This past week was a doosy. My job working as a Talent Intern includes two other girls, and we rotate through different duties each day. However, last week, there were two days when one or both of them were out of the office. This meant double time duty for me- not that I’m complaining. It was rather fun to be given so much responsibility, but also quite tiring. Holding down the fort that is the Green Room is a lot of coordinating, cleaning, and tally keeping. Everyone must stay happy and I like to keep busy.

Between having Martha Stewart as a guest for Mardi Gras, and Animal Expert with animals in tow, and Pee-Wee Herman all featured on the show, CONAN has been a hopping place. When someone like a Martha Stewart is on a show, there is a lot of prep work. Because she is a food and craft/ homemaker guru, she needed to have anything for her segment prepped and laid out ahead of time. There were Martha “people” at our soundstage a day before she came to see what we had and what they would need to bring. For her taping day, her people were here by 10AM, cooking what needed to be made, setting out the goodies, and making everything look camera ready. Usually guests do not attend rehearsal because the interviews are not practiced, in Martha’s case, she did not come to rehearsal, but instead watched tapes of what she would need to do. She also sat out in the Green Room and watched the show being taped on the monitors with everyone before being taken out to do her bit. Say or think what you want about Martha Stewart, but in my book- she’s a lady who knows how to get things done. I was a fan.

Then this week we had animal expert, Nigel Marven, who brought with him all sorts of creatures. The animals, with crew in tow, arrived at 10 and hung around all day. The chameleons needed to be kept warm, so they had to stay outside where an intern or two would keep watch over them. The owl, king cobra, baby monkey, and baby blue penguins stayed in the Green Room. There was a good 2 hours after rehearsal where the penguins wandered about the common area of the room and played with anyone who would give them attention (which was everyone). Those little penguins were SO cute. Sure, the Green Room had basically turned into a mini zoo, but it was a ton of fun.

Most recently, Pee-Wee Herman stopped by for the show. As a long time friend of the show, he usually does more than an interview. This time he stopped by to tell everyone the Story of Lent: Special bits like this take a good deal of extra planning and rehearsal. Pee-Wee and his people came early- he was a super nice, polite guy by the way and his people were a lot of fun to work with. Special parts, like the skiing entrance were planned out the day before and put together the morning of the show.

This week has been absolutely crazy- which I love. Seeing all these parts of the show come together has given me a really great perspective on talk television. It’s a field I would definitely like to stay in and get a job in.

Outside my Basic Cable Internship, there have been a few interesting things in my life- nothing as enthralling as a chance encounter with Jon Hamm, but things I will note regardless.

Last weekend I got the windshield on my Jeep replaced (exciting, I know). The guy who did the work was very  nice and very eager to tell me all the places I need to visit in LA- my Indiana License Plate give me away. He told me I needed to hit El Segundo (which I plan on doing) and he wanted to to check out South Central. I told him I’d recently been on the USC campus so I had been there. He proceeded to tell me I needed to go to Compton because they had “really cleaned the place up” and that I would be safe as long as I “knew where people were- like the car behind you, the car in front of you, the boys on the street corners, and even the little old lady sitting on the porch, because she’ll be the first to turn on you”. Needless to say, he didn’t really sell me on the idea. He was very nice though and did a great job. It’s nice to see someone so enthusiastic about their hometown.

In addition to getting windshields replaced, I also went to an Improvised Late Night show: Up Late with Adam Fischer at the ComedySportz LA theatre where my good friend, tour guide, social scene guide and landlord for a week while in LA, Kyle Benham was part of the show. The show starts with suggestions from the audience and the jokes are written on stage by a group of comedy people as the show moves on. Guests are improvised on the spot from the suggestions and are interviewed by Adam, the Host. The show is complete with a house band and everything. It was a blast and will be running ever Sunday through at least March- so if you’re in LA come check it out!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Like I mentioned earlier, this Basic Cable Intern has a hiatus next week which is Industry for SPRING BREAK!! I’m hoping to explore all sorts of places and have numerous adventures to report back to you, so please don’t let it ruin your week if there isn’t a new post.  It will be a great week. In the mean time, everyone have a GREAT St. PATRICK’S DAY! It’s the best holiday of the year- I know I’ll be celebrating. I may even do a jig!


17) In Indiana, it is common to see Christmas lights lingering on houses into February. It’s cold, blizzard, and a pain in the rear. I do not approve of this, but I understand why it may happen. But even in Indiana, those things  need to come down by March or it’s beyond tacky. In California, however: Christmas Lights on your house in March isn’t just tacky, it’s one of the laziest examples of human slothery that I can imagine. IT IS 70* HERE THIS WEEK! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. And don’t try to tell me, “it’s for the party atmosphere” or “It really gussies up the place” because it doesn’t work for either of those things or any other possible excuse you just have. So just stop it, LA. Own up to your laziness and stop it.

18) Ok, so I feel like I’m going on an angry rant here- #17 there got a little heated I apologize. But this is also one of the most annoying things about this city: COMPACT parking spaces are for COMPACT cars. This seems to be beyond Californians to the point where I wonder why they even bother making Compact spaces. I cannot count the number of times I’ve tried to fit in a spot that upon approaching it to park, I realize has been taken over by a Hummer H2 that thinks it can just squeeze in there. Mini Vans, Trucks, Extended Jeeps, and most SUVs DO NOT qualify as Compact cars. If you cannot fit your vehicle comfortably between the lines so that people can slightly open doors, you are NOT a compact car. Apparently in California, COMPACT is vogue.

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  1. Posted by Barb Fox on March 13, 2011 at 10:29 am

    I am so excited that I finally got into your blog, Meg! It’s almost like you are sitting across the table from me… thank you .. LOVE the stories and am so proud of you!

    Hugs, Mrs. F

  2. Posted by Grandma on March 22, 2011 at 10:38 am

    ‘.Tis a grand day for the Irish

    Love you


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