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It’s been pouring rain for the last five days in the City of Angels. The Heavens must be crying because:

Basic Cable Spring Break ’11 is officially over. And what a lovely break it was. While I love working on the show day in and day out, I have to admit, it was great to have a little time off. I wasn’t the only one at the show who felt that way. It was evident Thursday after the last show that everyone felt like a bunch of kids, counting down the minutes to vacation.  When this dark week was announced, I was a little worried because I figured a whole week was a lot of time to fill, but even more excited when I realized it coincide with IU’s spring break, meaning a week of Meg and Kevin’s Basic Cable Adventures!!

After a half day of work Friday, I be-lined to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank to pick up “the Rev” as my folks have so nicknamed him for no real reason.  We kept a low profile Friday and just sort of wandered around Burbank a bit. I also gave Kevin some early birthday presents that I just couldn’t keep to myself any longer like Batman

We are good gorcery shoppers

themed Chuck Taylor sneakers and season two of Breaking Bad (which we finished during the week). Additionally we did some light grocery shopping for the week: hotdogs, buffalo chicken, apples, juice, chips and beer.  All in all a good day.

That Saturday, 3/12, we met up with our high school friend, Erin, for brunch where we chit-chatted and caught up while dining on Patty’s diner food in the sunshine. We showed her around Hollywood & Highland where the Gauman’s Chinese Theatre (very famous theatre), Kodak Theatre (where the Oscars are held), outside the Chinese Theatre is where the celebrity Hand and Footprints are, and up and down Hollywood where people earn their “Stars”. You can also see the HOLLYWOOD sign from atop a few flights of stairs. It was great to catch up and be able to play tourist for a bit. Honestly, I impressed myself with how familiar I was with the area. After saying our goodbyes, Kevin and I got ready to head to Kate and Aaron’s for the night. Before we began our trek to Pasadena, we had to make a stop at Emerald Knights comic book shop for Kevin to peruse the goods. Kate and Aaron then took us to a Korean BBQ restaurant where for $16 a person, you are brought plate after plate of delicious spicy meats until you explode. The challenge here is to tell the waiter to stop bringing meat BEFORE to burst or else you have to pay extra for your take-home leftovers. Kevin and I were very good eaters that night.  Then we enjoyed the rest of our evening with their friends Jeff and Amy and before we knew it, it was Sunday morning.

Sunday brought Day Light Savings Time (which I STILL am adjusting to oddly enough) and Improv class for me. SO I left Kevin at Kate and Aaron’s, I figured he would either hang out or try to walk back to North Hollywood, he did the former and enjoyed bro-ing out with his brother and playing enough xbox to hopefully get his fix for the week ahead. After class, which was delightful, I came back to Pasadena, picked up my boo, and drove home. We tried to meet with a former student of Tracy’s, Marco, for dinner. He was in LA for the week from Germany, where he lives and works, to help out some Evian people for his job; however, he got caught up in schmoozing and was unable to meet up with us.  So Kevin and I had a mostly quiet dinner at home of hot dogs then we went to an Improv show at Comedy Sportz LA.

The show was Up Late with Adam Fisher- if you are in the LA area and reading this, you NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW. It is a completely improvised show in the form of a late night talk show where the jokes are written live onstage, as well as the guests and interviews all based on Audience suggestions at the beginning of the show. It is SO well done and really funny.  Kevin loved it and my friend Kyle writes for it every week.

Monday, 3/14, we went to LA Zoo. This place was great. Huge zoo, lots of animals: meerkats, elephants, kookaburra birds, flamingos, lizards, condors, and tigers, lions, and

It's a Condor

bears (yeah, Oh My!). It was a lovely day and we spent most of it there. Afterwards we hit up a small shop in Burbank called Rocket Fizz which sells all types of unique soda pop and candy. That night we went to the Harold Night at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

***AT This point I realize this blog is getting long. I apologize. Trying to fit 10 days into so many words if difficult. Feel free to take a break from reading. Go outside for a quick stroll, stand up and do some stretches, or go grab a cold one and think about what you’ve done… Moving on, shall we?******

Tuesday we ventured to Venice Beach where I visited the Pacific Ocean for the third time since being out here but more importantly was reunited with my love, Lauren Elizabeth Schaefer. She and her good friend from high school, Duber, drove that morning from San Francisco to Venice Beach (for those who don’t know that’s like, a six hour drive) We explored the circus that is Venice Beach, saw vendors selling any type of lame souvenir you could want, skaters at the skate park, street performers, muscle bound crazies flexing their pecs at the Muscle Beach outdoor gym, and even caught a quick homeless person brawl.  Yes, it may not be the classiest place I’ve been in LA, but it was certainly one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was in the low 60’s while we were there so it was definitely not beach babe weather. (I know,  “beach babe” is the first thing I would use to describe myself too) After our brief but joyous visit it was time to go our separate ways.

We were thrilled to be reunited.


Wednesday was a day. I had to go to work from 10am-5:00pm to man the phones and make any runs that may be needed. However, most all the staff was out of the office so my day mostly turned into watching Cash Cab from the massage chairs in the green room with the other interns- which was awesome. When I got home Kevin and I tried to get on a list for another UCB improv show. We got a great deep dish pizza for dinner next door but were unable to get into the show because I didn’t realize the theatre only took cash, and being 20-somethings we had none on us. So instead we went home and enjoyed a Breaking Bad marathon.

ST PATRICKS DAY- First off, I have to say, no place does up St. Paddy’s like Indianapolis. I am pretty sure I will fly home if I have to for St Patrick’s in the future because it’s just not the same without a parade, the Rathskeller and my family. THAT BEING SAID: We had an really great holiday. Knowing Kate and Aaron were throwing a St. Pat’s

Cheerz for Beerz!

party that evening, Kevin and I headed to Pasadena early to catch a movie at the $2 theatre there. We saw The Illusionist an animated French film about an aging magician. It was appropriate because the little girl who stowed away with him in the film was from Ireland. We also grabbed a quick pint at The Lucky Baldwin pub before the film- I could have stayed there all day. The we went to Kate and Aaron’s were the celebration got real with delicious Corned Beef and Cabbage (so deliciously cooked by the hostess), vegetarian shepard’s pie, green-velet cupcakes, and all the Guinness and Harp one could ask for. It was a great time, so great in fact that it definitely warranted sleeping in until 1:30 the next day.

Friday we got home in the mid afternoon to a package for Kevin. My folks had mailed him a birthday gift all the way from Indy. It was a lovely surprise. Then, we hit up Full Frontal Comedy Alum, Derek Miller’s improv show at the iO West Theatre in Hollywood. The show was “Opening Night” and once again, if you are in the LA area COME SEE THIS SHOW! It was an entirely improvised musical and it was an incredible show. Afterwards we got to catch up with Derek and talk with him about improv, comedy, and LA. He had some good advice and even better stories to tell. I’ll definitely be back at that show again. He also gave us the idea of heading to the Getty Center for what we thought would be Kevin’s last day in LA.

Saturday, 3/19. Taking Derek’s advice, Kevin and I hit up the J. Paul Getty Center in LA. The Getty is an incredible art museum with paintings and sculptures that date back a thousand years to more modern pieces. What may be even better than the art there, is the location. The Getty is set atop a mountain along the 405 highway. The building is equipped with balconies on practically every level that cover every angle and you can see the entire city. It really gave me a great perspective on where I was and it was cool to see both the down town AND Pacific Ocean from the same place. After the Getty we went to Barney’s Beanery in Burbank to eat whatever tickled our fancy from

Downtown LA in the Distance

their huge menu, and finished Breaking Bad Season two if you are still keeping track of that.

Sunday was a day I was both looking forward to and dreading all week. I was excited because it was Kevin’s birthday and Kevin’s birthday is one of my favorite days of the year, but I was also mildly heartbroken because I had to take him to the airport and let’s just lay it out there: Thugs and Basic Cable Interns get lonely too. That morning, it was obvious the entire city was as sad as I was to see Kevin go, because there was a torrential downpour and vicious winds terrorizing the city (I, too, terrorize cities when upset) As we left for the airport Tracy wondered aloud if the flight would be canceled because of the weather. Being Hoosiers, we shrugged it off saying, “It’s only RAIN”, we didn’t remember that LA shuts down in rain. I dropped Kevin off then drove to improv class. Soon into my class I received texts from Kevin about how his flight was delayed, then texts about it being an hour behind, then finally his flight was canceled and he had found a new one for Monday night. I was positively elated but I know Kevin really needed to get back to class.  So we got one more surprise night together, went to Up Late with Adam Fisher again (it was hilarious, again) and that was that.

The next day, Monday I had work. I did my normal morning routine, did my normal work routine. It was evident everyone was a little sluggish coming back from a week off, but everything was back to normal by Tuesday. After work I came home, Kevin and I went to Subway for a quick dinner, and I took him to LAX airport. I had never been there before so that was something to cross off my list.  For anyone worried, Kevin got home safely and is back in Bloomington.

WOW. If you stayed with me, I applaud you. If it took you several days to get through this, I totally understand because I wouldn’t have had the patience to read all of this either. I promise my next post will be more on par with the previous ones. I just had to gush all about the best spring break ever with the best person ever. Thanks for tolerating my gushing. I promise it won’t happen again (at least not soon). THANKS for reading!!!

CALIFORNIA IS DIFFERENT: has been put on hiatus until next week because I don’t want you to have to stomach anymore of this post. Reading is hard and if I re-read this post later, there is no way I will make it down this far. Believe me, things are still different though.

Classic McLane


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