Let’s Hang On

Gather ‘round one and all! It’s time for more Basic Cable Intern blogging!! That’s right I’m coming to you live* from beautiful** Burbank*** California!!!!!

Well, well, well the countdown has begun. As of today, I’ve only got 8  more shows of CONAN I will be working on.  I want to stay working here forever. It’s never a chore to wake up, it’s a pleasure to do anything there, and the people are incredible. My heart is breaking. SO let’s NOT focus on that. Let’s focus on the good.

Hot news this week:

Andy Richter knows my name, which is awesome because he specifically told me he wouldn’t remember it. The conversation went a little something like this, “Hey Meg, can I get a towel?” Me (shocked and amazed)- “Oh yeah! Sorry, I meant to put one in your room this morning.” Andy- “Yeah, well don’t let it happen again.” Me- “Here you go. Trust me, it won’t.” Andy- “Phht, better not.” Yeah- it was AWESOME. A week or so ago we chatted about IU (his dad taught there, I go there) and so maybe that stood out to him. He’s a really nice guy.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. It was a live broadcast award show that had a LOT of children involved. Now, I’ve worked with kids a lot before- I was a camp counselor, I’ve babysat, I once WAS a kid myself. Nothing could have prepared me for this madness. Kids- most of whom

Not at the KCAs, but my impression of the dinosaur behind me

were hyped up on sugar and were at the NICKELODEON KID’S CHOICE AWARDS! This is like the coolest thing on TV for kids. I remember watching this event on TV as a youngster and thinking “wow, that’s so cool, those kids are so lucky.” Then there I was, at 22 years old, working the “Orange” (Red) Carpet. At the KCA, the carpet is Orange because that is Nickelodeon’s color. Anywho, I was in charge of around 40-60 kids who were to be the audience for a certain part of the Orange Carpet. Most of these kids were children from around the area whose parents snagged them tickets to the event, others were kids from underprivileged schools who were rewarded for good grades by the opportunity to come to the show. I thought that was really cool that the audience coordinator/ stage manager made sure those types of kids got to come to this show. She is also the same lady who gave me the opportunity to work this award show in the first place.

As I paraded kids around the USC area (the award show took place at the Galen Center on the USC campus) I got to know several of them well and tired to answer their questions. “Is Justin Beiber going to be here!?”- I don’t know, kid. They don’t tell me much. “Have you met Justin Bieber!?!” -which I could actually respond Yes to, because he was on Conan in February- needless to say this made me the coolest person there. “Who is your favorite person on iCarly?” Ummm… all of them??

OK, so I didn’t have all the answers they wanted. But I did know where to put them, when to move them, and how to get them back to their chaperones.  My main job was to make sure the kids were visible to the camera, that they cheered loudly when someone walked by, and that they were corralled to the right areas of the Orange Carpet at the right time. The live broadcast was a huge success and as a pre-show Production Assistant, I didn’t have to attend the actual awards show. So my coworkers and I did what any smart person who has been up and dealing with young children since 6am- went to the nearest bar for a drink! Luckily we got to the bar just in time to catch the last minute of the Butler Final Four Game- which was awesome (The championship game however, was NOT awesome- still, GO DAWGS!) It was a long day, but a great day. I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot. Working on a live broadcast is really fun. There is no room for mistakes and it’s so high pressure.

Also, there is a tendency for people to get “slimed,” meaning they unexpectedly get covered in neon green goop. Getting “slimed” is something that seemed really cool when I was 11, now that I’ve doubled those years, and watched hoards of children leave the Galen Center shivering from the cold slimed they had been doused in, I realized I was very lucky. I really dodged a bullet not having to attend the ACTUAL award show.

This was actually my 2nd awards show to work in my time out here. Just before Spring Break I got the opportunity to work a live televised show, the NAACP Image Awards. I was part of a Seat Filling Crew. At award shows, oftentimes after nominees win or lose, they leave or celebrities shuffle around during breaks because they can and no one will stop them: “I’m sorry Mr. Clooney, but once you’ve take your seat you must stay there for the next 3 hours- no bathroom breaks”. Because of this, average joes like you and me, can sign up to be “seat fillers”. These people dress in the appropriate attire for the event (in my case, it was black tie, so suits and gown-ish things), then they arrive at an appointed time, and are herded into areas where they are given guidelines for the show. They’re not allowed to talk to celebrities, pitch scripts, network, or cause any sort of ruckus- which is understandably so. Then it’s my job to frantically move them from one seat to another for the duration of the show. It was a great experience and I got a great behind the scenes look at live television and an award show.

In other news, it was basically Saturday Night Live day on the show today- which was awesome. Colin Quinn, Will Forte, Conan (who wrote for SNL) and Jack McBrayer (who has done a little SNL, never a cast member though) were all there. It was a crazy day in the Green Room. There were so many people. The SNLers were so nice and excited to be there. It was, as always, another GREAT day to be working at CONAN. I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!


21) People LOVE trying to figure out where you’re from based on your mannerisms. Most people dead pin me as a Midwestern girl within a few minutes of meeting me.  Usually they say it is because I am polite or mild mannered. Occasionally I get mistaken for an East Coaster because of my voice. I have no idea what those people are talking about. I speak perfectly Midwestern, meaning no accent.

22) Much to my dismay: NO one does the jeep wave. For those of you who don’t drive a Jeep Wrangler- the Jeep Wave is a nod, wave, or acknowledgment of another Jeep driver as you pass each other on the road. I have tried so many times and I have YET to get someone to wave back. It’s not even an annoying wave like, “HEY, WE BOTH DRIVE JEEPS!” It’s usually a casual two-finger salute that says, “jeeps- sweet.” I imagine no one participates out here because it may be seen as a gang symbol- what with all the gangs out here. They must be worried about a Jeep Gang of sorts. Hmmm… starting a Jeep gang… not a bad idea.



*live- whenever you read this

**beautiful- It’s 55 degrees here and cloudy on April 7… so interpret that how you will

***I’m actually blogging this from my house in North Hollywood


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