It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Well the ol’ week off really made for a relaxed return to this, my final week at CONAN. Thursday (tomorrow) is my last day there as a Basic Cable Intern. As I write, know that I am spending my last Wednesday in California (at least for a while) doing so. Yes, you heard me right, this Basic Cable Intern is spreading her wings and picking up Chicago in the near future.

I can’t decide which is more sad, leaving CONAN or leaving all the wonderful friends I have made here. Considering we all have facebook to keep us connected, cell phones, and email, I know I will keep in touch with these people so I have to say leaving CONAN will hurt a little more.  Here’s to tomorrow!

For the sake of catching up on the previous week, my week off, I definitely took it easy. I spent Monday BBQing with my good friends, Kyle and Allie, and their friends. Then that night I got together with some of my girlfriends as we made shirts in preparation of Tuesday. On Tuesday we went to the PRICE IS RIGHT!!! And no, none of us won anything. To be selected for the show you really have to be over-the-top crazy while you wait in line for four hours. Drew Carey was delightfully entertaining throughout the taping as well. He chatted with the audience and was really, really funny. He also improvises most of the show- cue cards are hardly used. Since we weren’t allowed any cameras on our person at any time, I have no pictures. SORRY.  Still a good time.  I will go again, but I WILL be bringing the crazy next time, because I want to win a steam-spa shower.

Later in the week I met up with Kate and Aaron for dinner. We went to a bar that was country themed, but the owner is from Chicago so they show all the Chicago sports games. That was pretty good. We also watched the Mavericks beat the Heat- which is really good. The rest of the week, I just explored LA and my local shops and areas more on my own. The weather was nice, it was beautiful. It’s weird to think I will be leaving it.

On Saturday I worked the SPIKE TV Guy’s Choice Awards, which is exactly like it sounds. A bunch of dudes get together and talk about things like “manliness” and “sexy women” and  “beer”, yes I realize all of those were in quotes as if they aren’t real things, but the way they were discussed during this award show makes me question their validity.  I worked as a VIP Will Call worker, meaning I dealt with people who THINK they are really important and want you to know they are.  The other people we worked with, were the special guests who were all members of the military. These folks were all very polite and put the “VIPs” to shame in terms of behavior. On the plus side, after the show there were dozens and dozens of untouched, open bottles of wine sitting on the tables- apparently our service men and women aren’t big on the drink of the gods. After making friends with a few bartenders, I was able to scrounge up some corks and took a few bottles home with me. THANKS SPIKE TV!!

This won’t be my big “wrap-up” post or anything, so I will keep it short. I just wanted to get all the jibber jabber out of the way I guess. And keep my babies happy! Do understand that this is very upsetting though. Don’t let my happy-go-lucky internet demanor fool you. Tomorrow will be one of the weirdest days. I’m a lame duck Basic Cable Intern. I have loved every moment of this adventure.


31) Your chances of getting fat at your job are VERY HIGH! Most people work in entertainment here (or that my gross over-estimation of what people do) . And if every entertainment experience I have is true of all of them, which once again, I assume is entirely accurate, there is SO MUCH FOOD. And all you do is eat.

32) June Gloom. Only in California is June considered a “gloomy” time of year. The term “June Gloom” is a real and common phrase people here use to describe the June weather. Most likely due to the mountains or some such nonsense, June Gloom is when it is dark, cloudy and colder than one would like in the morning, then the “gloom” is burned off by the sun. Not surprisingly, since I have been here, it has been one of the mildest June Glooms in years and the gloom isn’t quite burning off. Like I said, only in California is June a time of gloom.

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    I don’t like this. You should come back lots!

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